Is plant-based and cruelty-free the future?

I’ve been a vegetarian for a number of years; not for the first time as I’ve always crumbled and my will-power has failed me. This time though I’m in for the long-haul and I’ve gone one step further – veganism… I can’t claim to be liberal and an advocate of equality if it’s limited to just one of the millions of species of life on the planet. If I’m to advocate cruelty free, then that must surely extend to the rest of the animal kingdom?

One of the most annoying questions I get asked if I have to announce that I have a plant-based diet is ‘what do you eat?’ This is a question from pure ignorance as if one is to use their imagination they’ll realise that a plant-based diet requires you to sometimes leave your comfort zone and try food that you wouldn’t have previously considered, and as someone who’s not particularly food motivated this has been an important journey of experimental cuisine for me.

“Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment.” – Vegan Society

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There was a time… (quick rant)

There was a time when humans were quite without knowledge of the universe. They didn’t know that the stars were perhaps the Sun of their very own solar system, or that the Earth was an oblate spheroid in a heliocentric system that orbits a nuclear fusion fuelled star that’s 93,000,000 miles away. We know what the speed of light is in a vacuum, and that known galaxies are as far as 13,000,0000,000 light years away. We are but a mere speck of dust in an ever-expanding Universe, and we literally have no concept of what could possibly be out there…

But humanity needed to feel special.

They needed to think that their place in our incomprehensibly vast Universe is unique, and invented gods to encourage the uneducated, naive and gullible common folk that their pointless lives had purpose if they submitted to the will of the *insert preferred creator/deity* and obeyed their every command; that’s usually given through a middle-man like Moses, or Muhammad.

To some extent I can understand their ignorance and nativity as humanity wasn’t ready to examine the Universe, so religion took a hold and offered an explanation for the reason for our existence, yet at the same time the people that wrote Holy scripture didn’t know why the Sun disappeared at night. Years later some religions still claimed that we were in a geocentric system and everything rotated around us because god the creator put us at the centre of the universe because we’re fabulous, yet often oblivious to how extremely arrogant and obtuse they are.. but after all, the religious often claim we are made in god’s image.

But, that was all in a time when humanity knew no better. There are currently three probes from Earth on and around Mars’ orbit looking for signs of life. Scientists are finding cures to diseases like cancer every day. People are getting nerve-controlled prosthetics, or nano-surgery within the brain..

Yet still there’s a vast number of people who believe absolute nonsense about the origin of the universe and all that’s within by thinking we were created by a god.

Billions have died in wars. Billions have died through illness and disease and this has all been deemed by their loving god as perfectly acceptable or else he’d have intervened and prevented suffering.

Children dying of cancer, or at the hands of a serial sex offender. Or thousands dying in disasters which happen within a natural world, but god has a plan they say so they ignorantly accept the suffering because it’s god’s will. . Only he knows why because he’s all-powerful god.

There was a time… and that time is nigh…

Apologetics: What’s the point?

Apologetics is derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘Apologia‘ (Απολογία) which means to defend, ‘apologíān poieîsthai’ (ᾰ̓πολογῐ́ᾱν ποιεῖσθαι) ‘to make a defence‘. Each person who reads this will have encountered an apologist at some point on Twitter and because they’re armed with religious scripture and faith they either believe they know the truth, or act completely disingenuously and attempt to refute what’s been proven by science. They hit a stumbling block instantly with their attempts to prove their chosen god as it falls flat against someone like me, a non-believer, who relies on evidence and proof to reach a conclusion and whilst I’m vehemently sceptical I’m not close-minded enough to reject proposals if they are argued using reason.

But this is sadly where they fail time and time again.

To use the argument that the universe was created and a creator must prove a god is ludicrous and frankly baffling, despite nothing whatsoever helping them reach that conclusion other than speculation, hearsay and blind belief. No rational person who uses reason, logic or even common sense could come to the conclusion that any gods exist due to the frail complexity of life, and the vastness and inhospitable universe we reside in. Everything points to naturalism.

Every god throughout history has needed a middle-man, or a prophet to spread the word and promote their said god’s word. If Allah is the creator of everything then surely he could speak on his own behalf, and this ridiculous notion that you must have faith and believe before he shows himself to you is the biggest scam in all of humanities history. Why did Allah need Muhammad to convert the gullible to Islam, and why did he leave it so late despite Judaism, and then Christianity making almost the same claims centuries before?

“Truth exists; only lies are invented” – Georges Braque

Let’s go back to the start and talk about truth. Truth is in accordance with facts and reality, and evidence alongside proof leads people to the truth. When people quote the Bible and make claims that it’s the truth, where exactly is the foundation of their claims? Because the Bible has hundreds of references to the alleged truth, how can anyone prove that anything written within its pages is credible? God and his worshippers allegedly say numerous times that god’s word is truth.

“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” – John 4:24

But what exactly is truth within the Bible as parts of the Bible claim that god is kind and merciful, but other parts claim that god must be obeyed, worshipped and feared and whilst he’s a jealous god with wrath, he loves us all despite murdering or ordering the murder of countless lives. Which part it truth? He’s either a genocidal maniac or he’s a loving god, he cannot ever be both, and this is where apologists cherrypick what suits their narrative and if they are unable to defend their claims they always, without fail, claim that without faith we don’t, and cannot understand the words of the Bible, and we take everything out of context. Apologists are the lowest of the religious charlatans that plague the reality we live in and they are never, ever to be trusted and prey on the weak, easily influenced, gullible and people that are too simple-minded to think for themselves and to question.