The Great Flood

We’ve all been told by a delusional creationist that Noah lived until 950 years old, and during that time he built an ARK. You all know the story, but is any of it verifiable, believable, practical or achievable?

My top ten concerns.

• 1: Currently scientists think there are over 8,000,000 species of life on the planet. Over 1,000,000 are animals. How would the animals have all fit on the Ark? If they didn’t, where did they go?

• 2: There are limits to how big wooden ships can be build due to structural integrity. How many animals could fit on a ship whose size is limited? The Bible says Ark, not Arks.

• 3: There are no records from any civilisation of the Flood. Perhaps this is because they all drowned. Yet theists claim records were kept, yet no one accepts it as an historical event except theists. Egypt is extremely close to Canaan, but do they ever mention that one morning they noticed that the desert was a little moist?

• 4: If the world flooded it would have mixed salt water and fresh water together. How could life have survived, like Fresh water fish or plants that can’t perform osmosis because the salt dehydrates them and kills them.

• 5: There are currently estimated to be around 6,000 languages around the world. How did the languages survive, or develop in such a short time since the flood?

• 6: If the Flood happened within the last 6 thousand years, and civilisations perished. Why are there Aborigines, samoans, Indian, Latino, Inuits, Arabic, African, Chinese, Japanese people who are all very distinctly different?

• 7: If the water submerged everything, including Everest, where did the water go afterwards?

• 8: Why has somewhere like the Grand Canyon got evidence of ice forming valleys, but no sea water damage, or that sea water or the life in sea water was ever there?

• 9: Who maintained the Ark, fed all the animals, toilet facilities, laundry, storage, segregation and sanitation?

• 10: Who took all of the animals back to where they belonged? The world would be unrecognisable. How would they know where they were taking them? Did Noah have Google Maps?

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