The Ten Commandments of Humanism

You’ve all been told by a theist how you cannot have morality without God and the rules in the Bible. I vehemently disagree with that ridiculous claim. The key to morality is empathy, education, experiences and compassion. Here I will list what I think is needed to be a moral, upstanding citizen. And note that the first 4 aren’t stroking anyone’s ego. Yes, God, I’m talking about you!

• Thou shall educate yourself, ignorance is no excuse.

• Thou shall value humanity as a whole, and preserve the welfare of other sentient life.

• Thou shall demand evidence and refrain from faith.

• Thou shall not harm anyone, physical or mentally.

• Thou shall use empathy at all times.

• Thou shall not force irrational beliefs onto others.

• Thou shall demand a secular society.

• Thou shall respect choice and individuality.

• Thou shall not hate what thou doesn’t understand.

• Thou should not be a dick.

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