What makes us Human?

We aren’t the only sentient life, but we are the only species that has a conscience, and this along with empathy and compassion separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Does that make us better? No, we just understand consequences of actions.

Love and hate, are those actions just instincts? Your dog may be happy to see you when you get home, but someone could adopt them and within time the dog will show the same apparent love to them.

Are humans natural savages despite the knowledge they’ve acquired, and developed through Evolution? We’ve all seen ‘Lord of the Flies‘ and how left to their own devices in a small colony they can revert back to primeval behaviour.

Theists say that with a God in their lives then they have a guideline for objective morality, but imagine a situation where a collection of theists are stranded in an isolated place where there are no laws. Would those morals matter? Would it be survival of the fittest?

Would they work together to ensure survival of the group, or would a hierarchy form where the most important, or confident took control? At the end of the day it’s instinct to survive and maintain self preservation , but would a Christian group cope better than an atheist group?

What makes us different to other sentients is language, and bodily communications/expressions. The ability of independent thought, decision making and problem solving are all human qualities as well as knowing that every action has consequence.

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