Flat Earth: A new religion?

I’ve covered a few subjects of late including Evolution and Intelligent Design, so the next obvious subject to investigate is the claim that we don’t actually live on an oblate spheroid, but in fact we live on God’s FlatEarth.

Just like Creationists, the Flat Earth deny proven science, and like any other cult they feel ‘woke’ and enlightened that they know something that the indoctrinated ‘globers’ don’t. Conspiracy theorists by definition are paranoid and believe everything that’s taught is a lie.

So let’s look at some facts.

Due to its size and mass, and following the laws of physics, the Earth cannot be flat. When an object gets large enough to generate its own gravity the only shape it can be is a spheroid. This is because gravity pulls from the centre every direction. Gravity is derived from gravitas which means weight. Because of gravity giving physical objects weight, this explains why when something is released, dropped or thrown, its gives the illusion of falling when in fact it’s accelerating towards an object of greater mass.

Flat Earth deny gravity, as if they accepted it, and followed the laws of physics their whole ideology would come crumbling down. They believe that buoyancy and density are responsible for keeping objects of weight on the ground. They claim this but don’t understand, or wilfully remain ignorant to the fact that density is the volume of an objects’ mass, and mass creates gravitons, and buoyancy can’t work without gravity.

Surely this is enough to disprove the illogical belief that the Earth is flat? To anyone with the slightest grasp of science understanding it would be, or to an 8 year old child eager to learn about the planet they live on, but to a Flat Earth believer, not a chance.

Everything we were taught at school about space, other planets, natural satellites like the moon, stars, our very own Sun is a lie. Space doesn’t exist, and everyone who’s ever provided videos, photos, accounts or proof is fake, which often leads to #NasaLies

Flat Earth have used the saying ‘lying in plain sight’ often, & claim NASA is Hebrew for deceive. There is no Hebrew word NASA. There’s a word ‘na-sar’ which means ‘carry, bear’. To beguile or deceive is ‘nasha’.

Close, but not accurate, which is a common theme with FlatEarth.

What we fail to get through to them is the amount of people involved in this alleged cover up, and that every government in the world must be involved and there’s never been a whistleblower. Every space agency, be it private or government is involved. A ludicrous accusation. Below are the pre-programmes responses that a typical Flat Earth believer will use in defence of their claims.

During the Cold War it was a race for the U.S and the U.S.S.R to get into space first. As we know the Soviets got into space first, but the U.S landed on the Moon.

No they didn’t cry the Flat Earth.

Both countries were potentially on the verge of a war, and neither made a claim that the other had faked their space journey, and now the Soviet Union has disbanded leaving the U.S and Russia to work together in the ISS.

In 1983 Ronald Reagan proposed the The Strategic Defense Initiative which was a defence system in space that was to protect the US from ballistic missilebattacks by potential enemies. Why would this have been proposed if he knew space was fake?

There are various apps, and websites where you can track the ISS, and if you’re fortunate enough to be below its flight path, you can see it moving with the naked eye. Amateur astronomers have taken photos and videos of it, yet Flat Earth still deny that space exists. They will literally come up with any theory to explain things like satellite TV, weather satellites and GPS working without acknowledging the existence of space.

One of the worrying things about Flat Earth believers is their obsession with conspiracies. They often also believe in chemtrails (the governments purposefully polluting the atmosphere). They are sometimes anti-vaxxers which believe that vaccinations lead to more serious complications in later life and will refuse to let their children get vaccinated. They think that the 5G masts that have been erected to give faster speeds on mobile phone networks are there to give the public cancer. The list of conspiracy theories is endless.

Yet, one of the most logical and most talked about conspiracy theories is ignored by them, as they’d have to acknowledge the existence of space.

Area 51:

“The storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft (including material supposedly recovered at Roswell), the study of their occupants (living and dead; see grey alien), and the manufacture of aircraft based on alien technology.’’

This is surely the most perfect example of a government cover up but it’s never ever mentioned by them.

What are their motivations to accept, promote and blatantly lie about the Flat Earth when it was proven thousands of years ago that we live on a sphere? Is it a religion? As when the person admits that they’ve ‘woke’ and believe they’ve lived a lie then they act like it’s a spiritual awakening.

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