Why are many American Christians vile?

Quite a bold question, I’m sure you’ll all agree, but is it a fair question? I know not all American Christians are vile. I know plenty have faith, try and be respectful and live purposeful lives. But there’s another side to it, and it’s become extremely prominent since Trump came into power.

MAGA (Make America Great Again) is an acronym you’ll all have seen on many a Twitter profile. It’s essentially a racist recipe with several key ingredients.

• Of course you must support Trump. He’s quickly becoming America’s Joseph Goebbels, who’s a politician to the fascist dictator God, who obviously deems it acceptable that Trump has created concentration camps for immigrants.

• You must claim pro-life and be vehemently against abortion regardless of the reasoning behind it. But when the baby becomes an adult and declares themselves homosexual you must despise them with no mercy. You only accept there are two genders and anything other than that is a mental defect, confusion or a perversion against God.

• You must value all life, as being a true Christian means you love everyone equally. Unless you’re a filthy, disease spreading, rapist, criminal immigrant then you are no better than vermin. Build the wall they cry because it worked so well dividing Berlin between 1961 to 1989.

• You are here to serve God, as he loves us all, but just in case God isn’t looking you must demand that the military is expanded and arm yourselves to the teeth, in case those Satanist liberals stop respecting human values,and try and start the New World Order.

• As a loving Christian you must despise every other religion, and pay no attention to atheism, as they are subhuman communists who work for Satan. God will judge their sin when it’s their time.

• The Democ(rats) can’t ever be trusted. They want to take away the Christian values that the United States of America was founded on. Any time that someone claims that the first amendment is being violated, it means the damned liberals are taking away religious freedom. We can’t let them turn the U.S.A into a democratic, secularist nation. Our children must fear the Lord, and be indoctrinated to obey. Religious education must be mandatory or our proud nation will become a hedonistic state.

• God protects all that serves him, but try and take away our arsenal of weapons and there’ll be a blood bath. It’s our God given right to bear arms and I will own as many as I like.

• You must hate news networks. All they do is spread fake news about the most generous, courageous, handsome president the U.S. as ever had. You must follow him on Twitter and retweet him, even when he’s talking nonsense, or acting like a spoiled brat. Anyone dares to question him and you gather more MAGATS and try to publicly humiliate them, using your good old fashioned Christian charm.

So basically Trump has made racism, bigotry and misogyny acceptable again, despite people tirelessly trying to remove it from society. Anyone who wants a fair society where everyone is treated equally is a weak libtard, and only those that follow the word of the Bible have any value. I fear for the future of normal people of America.

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