Is atheism a worldview?

We’ve all encountered someone on social media that suggest that atheism is a belief system, a religion or even a world view, but is it?

For something to be a worldview it must essentially be:

”A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world

So is atheism a philosophy?

No, is the correct answer. It’s simply a rejection of the belief that God exists.

Ever been told that atheists believe that something came from nothing, and if we came from Monkeys, then why are there still Monkeys? This is because ignorance has replaced rationality. Somehow many theists think that if you don’t believe in God, then you must believe in the Big Bang and Evolution by default – and that atheists are responsible for 100 million deaths in the twentieth century.

It’s not because I’m an atheist that I accept Evolution. I accept it because the evidence is abundant. It’s also not because I’m an atheist that I think the Big Bang theories are more likely, it’s because it’s illogical and ludicrous to imagine that a supreme being created everything.

Because atheists refuse to accept the supernatural, then the only logical way to come to a conclusion is by studying, researching and examining evidence ie: Facts over faith.

Bertrand Russell

”Science can teach us, and I think our hearts can teach us, no longer to look around for imaginary supporters, no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make the world a fit place to live” – Bertrand Russell

For something to be a world view it has to dominate your thinking and affect your life decisions. Religion is a world view as it has dogmas, doctrines and an expectancy of how you should behave and how to lead your life. Atheism has none of this.

I live my life by abiding the laws of my country. It makes no difference to me what faith someone is. I work with several Muslims, and I would happily vote for a religious candidate so long as their policies respected the people. My wife is an atheist, but if she hadn’t been it still wouldn’t have changed anything. Whereas it’s very rare for a theist to want to date an atheist never mind marry one.

Atheists tend to want to protect the planet as we know we only have one life, and if possible, we want to leave the earth better for the next generation. Theists don’t tend to think this way. Their lifetime is just a stepping stone to the afterlife, so who cares if the planet gets ruined. They believe their future relatives will get to meet them in Heaven regardless of how the world is in the future.

Atheists accept that we have one life and live in the moment. Is that a world view, or just accepting the reality we live in?

3 thoughts on “Is atheism a worldview?

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  3. “it’s illogical and ludicrous to imagine that a supreme being created everything”

    There’s your worldview on full display. If we someday develop computer simulations that house intelligent, conscious entities, would it be “illogical and ludicrous” for them to imagine that a supreme being created everything?


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