Is America the greatest country in the world?

Before I start, I don’t hate America, I’ve been there, and I know some great American people. The issue isn’t with the country, it’s with some of the people who live there. There’s nothing wrong with being proud to be American and I’m sure that many of you celebrated Independence Day yesterday, and had a great time.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of people saying ‘America is the greatest country in the world’. When I read this I know full well what type of people they are. They are from the intolerant MAGA crowd. Most decent Americans are proud of being American, but like every other country in the world, they know that it isn’t without issues.

The biggest issue right at this moment is the President. I was told a few days ago that he became president because Obama didn’t do a great job, despite being a decent man, and Trump was the lesser of two evils. Is Clinton really that bad?

The second biggest issue is the president’s supporters. I know Trump wasn’t the first President to use the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan, but he’s managed to bring the closed-minded bigots out into the public more than ever. He’s somehow made it acceptable to be a racist in America again. Most of his supporters are Jesus lovers, and the irony here is that if Jesus tried to get into America, would he get a visa and be allowed through customs? Due to his birth origin there’s a chance he may not be allowed into the country.

I genuinely feel sorry for the normal citizens as you’ve got the insane MAGA crowd to contend with. It must be especially difficult if you’re Asian, and/or Muslim, as I don’t think I’ve seen so much hatred directed towards them as I have in recent years.

Decent liberal people of America are being called weak, or libtards, because they care about the welfare and human rights of individuals. These people claim to be Christians, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Christianity supposed to be a belief in Jesus Christ which follows his teachings and practises. Would Jesus support a wall and people being thrown into (Migrant detention centers) that are essentially concentration camps? If Jesus was real and alive today, I’m quite sure he’d be at the front of the protester crowd.

Most of the people who say America is the greatest country in the world have never left it, and if they have it’s only to kill people in other countries under the guise of freedom. They are happy to pledge allegiance to the flag, but many of them choose to ignore the liberty and justice that ALL Americans deserve, not just bigoted Christians.

I will reiterate; I don’t hate America at all. Some of my favourite people are American and I’d love to visit again.

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