Is Atheism dying?

Is this another unfounded claim by theists, or is there any truth to it?

I live in the U.K. and churches are desperate to get people through the doors. So desperate that they hold fitness classes, or hobby evenings just to get people through the doors. There are two things that are closing at a rapid rate in the U.K. One is public houses, the other is churches. So many churches are being turned into apartments, or doctor’s surgeries as they’ve become redundant.

As Humanism grows, religions decreases. Many people I’ve talked to in the U.K. prefer occasions like weddings and funerals to be about celebrating the lives of those involved without any mention of God. This is why there are now more civil/Humanist weddings and funerals in the U.K. than there are with a religious basis.

Many Nordic countries, and countries like Australia and New Zealand are gradually being much more secular and God isn’t part of most people’s lives anymore. Many people in India are more able to talk freely about their lack of belief, and how many people in Islam countries who pretend to have faith because their life literally depends on it because they are homosexual or just resent the Islamic lifestyle.

Over the last 50 years, the rise of scientific knowledge has sent mankind to the moon and back, sent probes to every planet in our solar system, and are preparing to send humans to Mars. The people behind this are making sure that the public are well informed and people are realising that our Universe has happened without any help from a greater power.

Some religions may be growing in certain countries, but I’m quite certain that in a few hundred years atheism and disinterest in religion will be the norm.

Even if people aren’t claiming to be atheists, the rise of non-practising religious people, agnostics and people who don’t even think about God is moving steadily.

‘In recent years much has been written about the rise of the ‘nones’ – people who check the box for “none” on surveys of religious affiliation. A 2013 Harris Poll of 2,250 American adults, for example, found that 23 percent of all Americans have forsaken religion altogether. A 2015 Pew Research Center poll reported that 34 to 36 percent of millennials (those born after 1980) are nones and corroborated the 23 percent figure, adding that this was a dramatic increase from 2007, when only 16 percent of Americans said they were affiliated with no religion.’

I found this quite interesting from Scientific American. Soon it will be 50% and after that it’ll just be the states in the Bible Belt.

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