I hate you God!

How many times have you been told that ‘Atheists hate God to suppress the truth‘ when someone becomes aware that you live your life without God? It’s actually an extremely arrogant stance, as not only are they assuming that the God you claim to lack belief in you actually hate, but it’s dismissing all of the other Gods that people have faith in, and putting the Biblical God as default.

So ignoring the ignorance of the statement and shifting focus to the stupidity, how can you possibly hate something that you lack belief in? We all know that the Bible was written by mortals and it’s highly unlikely that a single word of it is true, so if God was to exist perhaps he/she is greatly misunderstood.

Let’s just say for a moment that God did exist and it was proven, then there’d be no atheists. There isn’t any proof, just plenty of speculation, opinions and faith. If they did exist, and going by their acts in the Old Testament, there’d be a myriad of reasons to hate.

The fact that he killed everyone except a small family in the Great Flood isn’t the compassion that people of faith insist God has. Apparently the Devil is the evil one, but he hasn’t got a book showing his side of the argument.

What theists fail to understand is it isn’t their fabricated Gods that people aren’t keen on. It’s organised religion, and brainwashed bigots preaching like the Bible is actually the word of God. Out of all the languages in the world, why would he/she ask people to write about him in Hebrew? More people in the world spoke Latin. Then there’s the trouble that religion had caused since its inception. Almost every war throughout the ages has had religious motives, or its origin was somehow related to religion.

So, theists, it’s about time you dropped the ‘atheists hate God to suppress the truth’, and just accept that not everyone is as easily manipulated as you!

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