Would Jesus support Trump?

The world is full of hypocrisy, but in no other area except politics does it seem almost mandatory than in religion. People that claim to understand and feel Jesus’ eternal love, but promote hatred daily behind the mask of Christianity.

Let’s take Pastor Greg Locke as a recent example. He’s a loud-mouthed, religious bigot who frequently attempts to ruffle feathers to try and get himself attention by posting video rants. He’s one of those vile preachers who claims to live by the gospels of Jesus Christ, but is full of hatred.

Pastor Locke strikes me as someone who’s got anger management issues, and the only way he could let it out was to claim to have found Jesus, become a Pastor, and like every other religious preaching charlatan, try and brainwash as many weak-minded simpletons as possible, and perhaps even make some money in the process.

Pastor Greg Locke

”Salvation is truly everlasting life; however, those who have trusted Christ are his and will obey him and his word. We do not believe a person can live any way they so desire and be saved’’ – Greg Locke

I’ve been told by many a Christian that Jesus was perfect, and lived his life without sin. Would he condone sexism, racism, homophobia, child abuse, or misogyny, that all surround Pastor Locke – if you do some research. If Jesus is as loving as everyone says, would he not understand that we live in a much more diverse world than when he allegedly walked the earth?

He’s far from alone. Whilst Locke is perhaps the most loud-mouthed, there are plenty of others who go about their bigotry in other ways. Take Pat Robertson as an example. He’s an evil old televangelist, who has said many a controversial thing.

Pat Robertson

”Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.’’ – Pat Robertson

I’m not 100% sure of the source of this quote, but it pops up quite a lot, so I imagine it’s authenticity is genuine.

Many of those people involved in Adolf Hitler were Satanists, many were homosexuals – the two things seem to go together.” – Pat Robertson

Apparently people like Locke and Patterson think that Trump has given a platform for evangelists. In other words, Trump and his administration have made it acceptable to be racist in America again. For years people protested to make the lives of African Americans equal, and in 2016 when Trump became the 45th President, that hard work was stripped away. The focus seems to be more towards Arabs, but the hatred is stronger than ever. I touched upon this last week when I created a blog entry about Why are many American Christians vile.

What I find truly disturbing is how the right wing Christians view everything the exact same way. It’s almost like they read from a script book, yet did Jesus teach about any of the following that I’ve borrowed from Wikipedia?

school prayer, intelligent design, embryonic stem cell research, homosexuality, euthanasia, contraception, sex education, abortion, and pornography.

Ray Comfort

Here’s Old Ray preaching exactly what we’d expect from him.

However, instead of having a heartfelt thankfulness to God for all these undeserved blessings, this wicked world ignores God’s will, blasphemes His name, kills unborn children, fornicates, commits adultery, glorifies pornography, mocks the Word of God, promotes homosexuality, despises the gospel, and says that evolution gave us all the blessings of life.” – Ray Comfort

Ken Ham

Christians are increasingly being punished for the free exercise of their faith and for standing on God’s Word and holding to biblical convictions about sin. This is especially apparent with the gay lobby.” – Ken Ham

So basically Ken thinks we should be living in a regime where non-biblical acts should be outlawed. I’m curious as to what punishment he’d deem fit for such acts. Stoning? Crucifixion? Hanging? God likes to drown, and Ken is obsessed with Noah, the Ark and water, so maybe he’d go with that as it was a favourite method of execution when Christians hunted Witches.

When Christian absolutes were the basis of society, immoral activities such as homosexual or lesbian lifestyles and abortion were outlawed. There has been a fundamental shift. ” – Ken Ham

Ken Ham literally comes on social media to annoy people, and make fallacious claims about atheism, in which he maintains that it’s a religion, as is evolution.

Evolution is a religion; it is not science!” – Ken Ham

He’s a crooked charlatan, just like every other evangelist, creationist and makes an obscene amount of money from the gullible and the vulnerable with his museum and his Answers in Genesis organisation.

Kenneth Copeland is perhaps one of the most creepiest men to ever walk the Earth, and guess what? He was one of Trump’s spiritual advisors in his election campaign.

Kenneth Copeland

‘’You’re going to be held seriously – seriously – to account by God if you don’t vote, You’re going to be guilty of murder. You’re going to be guilty of an abomination of God. You’re going to be guilty for every baby that’s aborted from this election forward.’’– Kenneth Copeland

Seriously? This is a man who’s sole purpose is to make money, and lots of it. He’s of the belief that ‘prosperity gospel‘, or ‘prosperity theology’ will always leave the person preaching the word of God and Jesus with good health and financial reward. And he just happens to be one of the wealthiest evangelists is America.

I wonder how much of the gathered wealth that evangelists acquire goes back to the people that really needs it.

”Because of his sinless life, Jesus walked in perfect dominion. God did whatever he asked, NOT because he was God’s son, but because he held the position of a righteous man. But that was Jesus, you say. But the Bible says that through our believing on Him, we have been given the same position of righteousness with God that Jesus has.” – Kenneth Copeland

Righteousness means ‘the quality of being morally right or justifiable.‘ So it’s morally right and justifiable to make a multi-million dollar fortune by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, but hating everything that is liberal?

I will once again borrow from Wikipedia, and highlight what liberalism means.

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law. 

Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support:

 limited government

individual rights (including civil rights and human rights)

capitalism (free markets)



gender equality

racial equality


freedom of speech

freedom of the press 

freedom of religion

How can you claim righteousness when you are against the above principles, of course not freedom of religion, as it’s their obvious right to be able to preach, but each of the others are to make society fairer and equal for everyone?

Hemant Mehta

”Pastor Ted and other evangelical pastors I hear about in the media seem to perceive just about everything to be a threat against Christianity. Evolution is a threat. Gay marriage is a threat. A swear word uttered accidentally on television is a threat. Democrats are a threat. And so on. I don’t see how any of these things pose a threat against Christianity. If someone disagrees with you about politics, or social issues, or the matter of origins, isn’t that just democracy and free speech in action? How do opposing viewpoints constitute a threat?” – Hemant Mehta

So, to conclude, would Jesus Christ support Trump, and his corrupt evangelical supporters?

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