Abortion: Is it murder?

I know this is a sensitive and difficult subject, so I intend to be as compassionate and non-judgemental as possible, but at the same time provide some facts.

What are the reasons for abortion/termination?

• Unfortunately some people have a termination because they don’t realise they are pregnant due to having unprotected sex. Things can happen in the heat of the moment, but not only can unprotected sex lead to an unwanted, and unplanned pregnancy, there is always the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

• Some women have no choice for termination if there’s going to be inevitable complications. Early scans can pick up abnormalities with the foetus, and if there’s little chance of survival sometimes the only option is to terminate. ie: the baby will be born braindead.

• Sometimes contraception can fail. It’s never 100% guaranteed, and sometimes a couple aren’t ready to have babies, or aren’t in a financial position to do so.

• Sometimes a pregnancy can be the result of sexual abuse. ie: incest. Or the person can be a rape victim. In these cases compassion needs to outweigh opinion.

When does life begin?

There are many arguments surrounding this question. Does life begin at conception, or when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining, when the heart starts to beat, when the embryo becomes a foetus, or at week 21 when there’s a very slim chance of the baby surviving prematurely, or at birth?

At the end of week 8 the embryo becomes a foetus and up until this point the prenatal human isn’t a foetus. In other words, biologists don’t classify it as a life.

Scientists have argued about how to determine life for centuries. If it can evolve, reproduce, regenerate (heal), or adapt are common. Personally I’d say that the most obvious and important part of defining life is the ability to sustain itself. If you take a 12 week old foetus out of the womb, it will cease continuing to develop, and all of its bodily functions will stop, as the womb and the woman’s body is keeping it in a state of incubation and providing an environment to help it develop and supply nutrients.

Is abortion wrong?

This is a difficult question as it depends on whose perspective we are looking at it from.

• Does the pregnant woman ultimately have the right to make the choice, as it’s her body?

Does the government have the right to impose punishment upon the woman if she decides to terminate?

• Should the church have a right to get involved?

It is a fact that countries that ferociously oppose abortion often have governments that are in bed with the church. Government officials who put their religious convictions first and foremost, without considering the ethics, or freedom of choice.

Alabama’s recent bill that was passed banning abortion is a prime example of church over-ruling the state. The debate who imposed the ban was made up of 31 men, and 4 women. Incidentally the 4 women didn’t back the ban. So this ban was implemented by religious men. The law is very strict on limitations, which have to be severe medical implications, and if any doctor disobeys the laws then can potentially face a 99 year prison sentence.

This is the Humanist view on abortion summarised.

The current law is permissive: it does not impose abortion on anyone who does not want one or does not want to perform one.  So even within the law, individuals have to make moral choices.  How do humanists pick their way between these conflicting ideas?  There is not one, correct humanist view on abortion.  However humanists tend to converge on liberal, “pro-choice” stance.  Humanists value happiness and personal choice, and many actively campaigned for legalised abortion in the 1960s.”

So essentially this has become a battle of pro-life against pro-choice. Is there any right answer here?

Do you agree that it’s God’s choice and only he has the right being the creator to take away life?

Or is it down to the choice of the individual as there are a multitude of reasons why an abortion is considered?

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