Christian fervour or mental illness?

It’s common knowledge that religion affects thought processes, and often makes people irrational. This can range from downright insanity to just a simple belief in God, who try to live a decent, honest life. The every day Christian folk aren’t what I’m focusing on here, but those that are so devout with their beliefs that it blinds them of reason, logic and accountability.

I’ve noticed there’s a trend of people on social media pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable and what’s downright delusional. Take this quote as an example of what I mean by Christian fervour or mental illness.

Not only does this make the human race sound inadequate as a species, it also goes against the science behind Meteorology. This involves atmospheric studies of chemistry, physics and climatology.

A storm can fall into several categories ranging from the most intense ie: hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, and cyclones to thunder and lightning and gales. Storms usually occur when low pressure, high pressure and moisture are present in the atmosphere. Thunderstorms are common around rainforests due to the heavy moisture, humidity and unstable air, whereas a blizzard is often extremely high winds accompanied by snowfall.

These are all natural states of weather due to atmospheric pressures, and have nothing to do with the hands of God.

Ken Ham may come across well articulated, but he is incredibly deluded. He’s of the creationist mindset that suggests that the Earth is only thousands of years old, not billions. He ignores the science behind Evolution, the theories behind the Big Bang, and just about anything else that contradicts the writing contained within the book of Genesis.

Palaeontologists are quite confident due to the study of dinosaur bones that the first ones to exist were approximately 240 million years ago, and went extinct 175 million years later. Scientists are also confident that a catastrophic disaster happened (Cretaceous–Paleogene) which wiped them all out. Could it have been disease? Could it be an impact against earth from a cosmic body? One thing that scientists are certain about is they all died off around 65 million years ago.

Scientists have extensively studied fossil records and have proven that the only survivors were birds, which are a direct descendent from dinosaurs. There were two main classifications of dinosaur which were birds (avian-dinosaurs), and (non-avian-dinosaurs). There are roughly over a thousand species of non-avian discovered which ranged from bipedal to quadrupedal. Thomas Huxley was one of the major players in claiming that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and it’s since been discovered the birds and dinosaurs share over a hundred anatomical similarities, and modern Palaeontologists think many dinosaurs were actually feathered contrary to popular belief that they were bare skinned.

Anthropologists believe that the common ancestor that links Chimpanzees, Bonobos, and other Great Apes lived between 6-8 million years ago. The first humans are said to have evolved from their ancestor as far back as 6 million years ago. Early humans developed bipedalism around 4 million years ago, and modern humans ie: large brains and problem solving goes back to only about 100,000 years ago.

There’s approximately 57-60 million year distance between the death of the dinosaurs and early humanity, so under no circumstances whatsoever did humans and dinosaurs co-exist.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’d be surprised if Tom Brown knew how to be honest. All he does is point fingers, and attempt to ruffle feathers. Does anyone actually promote abortion? What he can’t seem to understand is there’s a huge difference between pro-choice and supporting abortion. Tom, like the rest of the God Squad seem unable to take off the God goggles and look at the world with an open mind that’s without prejudice and using independent thought. They agree with what’s written in the Bible as they think it’s God’s word, and if they dare to question it’s going against God. Sometimes a termination of a pregnancy is vital, and even the senate in Alabama recognised this, albeit extreme cases.

Here are a few random quotes from Christians on Twitter, and I challenge you to defend that they aren’t suffering from a mental illness.

As you can see, these aren’t words from the minds of normal people. They choose to disregard science over faith, and to me that’s beyond religious fervour, it’s borderline mental illness, and they need to be administered a prescription of anti-psychotic medicine.

The NHS lists the below four main symptoms of psychosis:

  • hallucinations 
  • delusions 
  • confused and disturbed thoughts 
  • lack of insight and self-awareness 

Let’s break this down a little.

The first symptom is hallucinations. Many of the more devout claim to have witnessed God and miracles. I encountered one last year that claims to have watched an amputees legs grow back.

The second symptom is delusions. This is quite a potentially long list, but intelligent design, 950 year old Noah, Moses parting the seas, Jesus walking on water, and Jonah living in the belly of a whale gives quite a good indication that a person isn’t firing on all cylinders.

The third symptom is confused and disturbing thoughts. Accepting the stories of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, and thinking God’s actions were just and fair, is a perfect example of disturbing thoughts.

The fourth symptom covers lack of insight which means

the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

The fact that Christians choose faith over fact either suggests that they are mentally incapable of comprehension, or their illness has become that severe they favour the supernatural above reality.

So. Religious fervour or mental illness?

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