Prayer: what’s the point?

I’ve often wondered the point in prayer, especially when it’s directed at non-believers. ‘I will pray for you’.


What difference will it make?

Not only do I have to have faith for it to matter, but isn’t my destiny already planned out by God?

Some theists claim that God has given us free will, and a moral code to live by, but others claim that there are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is God’s will.

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan / that can succeed against the LORD” Proverbs 21:30

If this is the case, then our destiny is mapped out for us, and nothing is within our control. As I’ve already said, some theists claim that God had given us free will and a choice, but has he?

No, he hasn’t.

The only free will he’s given is either a choice of a life of sin, or to repent your sin and follow Jesus. One gives you an eternal damnation in Hell, and the other gives you your reward in Heaven in the form of eternal life.

What is the point in prayer?

If every decision on events is dictated from the ‘Lord‘ what is the purpose of prayer if it’s not going to change anything?

Some people obviously use prayer to thank God and to ask him to give them strength in hardships, and also because a person can feel small and afraid, but other than that, what’s the point if God has a plan for everyone? Is he actually going to give you courage to face your dilemmas, or is it almost a placebo effect where praying gives you a therapeutic feeling and belief that God is listening, but it’s actually your strength from within that actually pushes you forward?

A gunman will still walk into a mosque in Christchurch (New Zealand) and murder 50 people, and injure 49 during Islamic Friday prayer.

A group of terrorists will still fly planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon killing  2,996 people and injuring more than 6,000 others despite a large number of the victims praying at the start of their day.

Prayer has to be for the person praying, and not for the benefit of God, as events will take place regardless of whether praying has taken place. If everything is God’s will then it was his choice to allow innocent people to die in New York and Christchurch.

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