Why religious people can’t be objective!

When a person makes any claim about their religious beliefs being objective, this is absolute nonsense. You’ve all heard that you can’t adhere to ‘objective morality’ if you don’t follow God as a guide. Despite God’s list of morals being incomplete, which I’ve covered several times, there has to be proof of God, and proof that God created this list of morals, and not just written by your average goat herder who desires some power and acknowledgement.

I could stop right here, as there’s no absolute proof of God, there’s just a varying range of speculation depending on how far up the scale of insanity you are.

Objectively means presenting unbiased, impartial facts that aren’t influenced by opinion or personal feelings. This involves being clinical, and neutral on the facts available.

Objective morality is a claim that the morals are objective as they are factually correct because they were created by God. But most people suspect the Bible isn’t written on God’s behalf, it was written to make mankind believe there is a God. Because this can’t be proven either way, then objectivity cannot be claimed.

By this standard, nothing written in the Bible can conclusively be categorised as objective, so why don’t Christians understand how flawed their logic is?

Many Christians claim that God’s word is objective as he tells the truth (despite lying to Adam and Eve about the tree killing them if they eat from it), so everything that comes from the Bible is objective. But, there are many different translations of the Bible, with many passages written differently, which means the people who translated it have been subjective in their approach.

Many philosophers say that true objectivity can only be achieved in mathematics and everything else, including religion, has to have a degree of subjectivity.

How do Christians know that the passages in the Bible aren’t theological propaganda, which is highly exaggerated for the most part? Were any of them there to witness any of the events, like the divine creation, or Jesus’ resurrection?

No, so drop the objective nonsense with religion. It’s called having faith because faith is accepting something without proof, and putting complete trust in something, or someone.

2 thoughts on “Why religious people can’t be objective!

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