Is anti-theism irrational?

As a Humanist I agree with Humanism’s principles that everyone has a right to be treated fairly, equally and be treated with dignity.

”Humanists make their ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings and other sentient animals”

What is anti-Theism?

Anti-Theism (ἀντίθεός) is literally one who’s opposed to the belief, worship and traditions associated with a God.

I’m not even an atheist so much as I am an antitheist; I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches, and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful.” – Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens

In 1993 Christopher New coined this example of anti-theism.

Antitheists, like theists, would have believed in an omnipotent, omniscient, eternal creator; but whereas theists in fact believe that the supreme being is also perfectly good, antitheists would have believed that he was perfectly evil.” – Christopher New.

Is it ethically wrong to be an anti-theist?

This is a difficult question to answer, as many religious people are bigoted and judgemental, but still live their lives believing they have adopted Christian values, which is essentially living under the advice and teachings from the gospels of Jesus Christ.

There are many reasons to be an anti-theist.

• indoctrination

• government involvement

• government supported faith schools

• tax breaks

• sexual organ mutilation

• terrorism

• war

• priests abusing children

• persecution of LBGT

So from a Humanists’ viewpoint, is it wrong to be openly anti-theist, or is it something that should be kept to yourself?

I’ve had many encounters on social media with theists of all types, and I guess it would be unfair to judge all religions on account of people that literally go online wanting confrontation. They have an agenda, and their agenda is to often argue that atheism is wrong. And of course they are entitled to this opinion as I’m an advocate of freedom of speech. But at the end of the day, we are only human, and humans have emotions. And these emotions can get triggered when someone says or does something that goes against your standards or principles.

I try my best to be civil with people, and even with people of religion, but very often they make it difficult as they won’t listen, or think they’re right and won’t reason, and because of this there’s no surprise that a person is going to get mad, or frustrated. Anti-Theism is an opinion that anyone is entitled to, and I don’t think it’s unethical. Theists may have the freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean for one second anyone has to respect their opinion, or agree with them.

No one has the right to discriminate because of race, gender, or religion. Everyone is entitled to be an individual however they see fit, but opposing something because you deem it harmful, isn’t discrimination, and you are entitled to use your voice and say that it’s wrong, especially if it violates human rights which religion so often does.

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