A retrospective: Pol Pot

Saloth Sâr (1925 – 1998)

Born in a village called Prek Sbauv, near to Kampong Thom in North Eastern Cambodia, He was of mixed heritage being half Chinese and half Khmer people, who are an Asian group who are indigenous to Cambodia and make up most of the population.

Saloth Sâr (Pol Pot)

His father was one of the most prosperous farmers in the village, and his mother was a Buddhist. They were initially raised as Buddhists, but at the age of six, he and his brother were sent to live in Phnom Penh. There he lived as a Buddhist monk for over a year.

In 1935 he started education at a catholic school where he learned to speak French and studied Christianity. The Collége Pream Sihanouk was built and Saloth lived in the boarding school where he learned to play the violin. In 1949 he secured a scholarship to study at an engineering school in France, and at this time found himself to be interested in communism and politics.

He returned to Cambodia in 1953 and became one of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge who were an underground political party.

In 1975 The state of Kampuchea, which refers to Cambodia under Marxist-Leninist communism which lasted just four years under control by Khmer Rouge.

During the control of Khmer Rouge millions of people were forced, like under Stalin‘s rule, to work. Many died from starvation, being over-worked, or murdered. During his tyranny many ethnic minorities were murdered as well as religion followers, but just like Stalin, Khmer Rouge saw religion as a hinderance to get in the way of the countries progress.

Being raised as a Buddhist, Pol Pot believed in karma.

revenge in the Cambodian context to illustrate how closely violence can be tied to and explained by the Buddhist notion of karma, which dictates that there is a cycle of cause and effect in which one’s past actions will affect one’s future life.” – Wikipedia

During the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, the then U.S President, secretly devised a bombing campaign over Cambodia which resulted in 500,000 tons of bombs being dropped. How many innocent people must that have killed over the span of four years? After the end of the Cambodian civil war, Pol Pot became Prime minister in 1976.

After Pol Pot became Prime Minster the Vietnamese were in constant battle at the border with Cambodians. In 1979 Vietnam invaded Cambodia and sent Pol Pot and his remaining allies into the jungles.

During the 1980’s the Khmer Rouge were provided with arms and political support from America and China who disagreed with Vietnamese occupation.

At no point during Pol Pot’s rulewas atheism a factor for doingwhat he did. He wantedCambodia to be self–sufficient and xenophobic nationalism, and ultimate communistic control over his citizens. Pol Pot was a Theravada Buddhist and many of the people he committed cruel acts to were also of the sane faith and culture.

Pol Pot was captured by a splinter cell in 1998 and died under house arrest in his sleep, never to face justice.

The atheist atrocities fallacy is a multifaceted and multidimensional monster, comprised of a cocktail of illogically contrived arguments.‘

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