Life after death? No thanks

Can you imagine anything worse?

We live in a society that’s as a whole dictated by religion. In the U.K we’ve got 26 bishops who get automatic seats in the House of Lords, which has resulted in the Secularist society, and Humanists U.K vehemently voicing their concerns, as if there are bishops, why aren’t there rabbis, or Muslim clerics, or representatives from Humanist organisations?

Humanists U.K. say it is a ‘present example of discrimination, religious privilege, and undemocratic politics.’

They are campaigning for disestablishment, which will end the Church of England as the official church of the United Kingdom. The Monarch of the U.K. is officially in charge of the church, and not by choice as it’s expected of her through some dark age ruling out of her control.

The United States of America was at the last poll, 75% Christian, with the world’s largest Christianity population at 240,000,000 people. With there being so many denominations, you’re literally tripping over Churches and preachers at every corner. Because of the amount of religious politicians, their motives and policies are often dictated by their faith, regardless of other religious minorities.

There are many other examples around the word where education, or the government is heavily influenced by religion, so when we die, why can’t we just die and become worm food? Why the obsession with the afterlife?

I’m tired of being told that without God and Jesus, my life is without purpose, and I’m just a meat sack floating through space on a rock, that within a matter of years my existence will be irrelevant and no doubt forgotten about. But the people who constantly spout this nonsense are only using this ‘rock’ as a stepping stone. They are expected to follow a collection of primitive, out-dated rules, so that God will judge them fairly, so they can get their rewards by God’s side in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why does that give their life a purpose, or meaning? Is waiting to die a purpose? If so it’s a depressingly bleak one, and if they’re so keen to meet God, why don’t they hurry the process up as this world’s future is irrelevant to them. If an atheist lacks belief in God, would he really be so egotistical to care, if the all-dancing, all-loving God actually exists? Would Satan care, as if we don’t care about God, aren’t we on his side?

I can’t think of anything worse than being stuck in Heaven for an eternity. That’s forever! With a bunch of self-righteous, hypocritical, ignorant, arrogant, delusional God botherers with delusions of grandeur, that many of us have spent our lives trying to avoid. That would suck so hard I can’t even put it into words that would describe how shit it would be.