Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denialism in the U.S

According to the AntiDefamation League (ADL), Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denialism in the United States of America is on the rise, and it’s coincidently increased since a certain President took office. Since 2017, Anti-Semitic incidents have risen by almost 70%, which is the highest since records began. (Insert Hitler comparisons). Up until 2017 anti-Semitism in America was on a yearly decline, but the rise of neoNazi, fascist white supremacists who are predominately from the ranks of MAGA, have turned it on its head.

In 2017, 12th of August, the Unite the Right rally occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacists, knights of the Ku Klux Klan, xenophobes, antiJewish, antiMuslim and right wing militia groups gathered to discuss hatred, dress as Nazis and organised mass Nazi salutes and chanting, proudly displaying Swastika flags, and slogans like Jews are Satan’s children‘. As expected, violence ensued, which resulted in a death and dozens of people injured, as James Alex Fields Jr drove a car into a crowd of peaceful protestors who were marching against the rally, and a 32 year old woman named Heather Heyer died in the attack.

In October of 2018, 11 people were slaughtered inside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, and whilst this was an isolated incident, American authorities saw a massive surge of online searches of anti-Semitism, including ‘I hate Jews‘, and ‘Jews must die‘. Many Republicans won’t accept that it’s their gun culture that enables a militant to walk into a school, or a place of worship and execute at will, as all they care about is their right to bear arms, and simply reject that in a society where it’s considered a right to own guns, then statistically there is more probability of an event like this happening. Gun sales are at an all time high, as is anti-Semitism, so this will happen time and time again.

Holocaust denialism

Holocaust denialism is no more than racist propaganda, and can range from disagreeing to the figures of the genocide, to complete denial. At the moment, I’m watching a Netflix show called The Devil Next Door, which has inspired me to write this article. It focuses on a man accused of being Ivan the Terrible, who was a sick and twisted Nazi death camp exterminator, who was allegedly responsible for hundreds of thousands of Jewish murders. The show is mainly set in an Israeli courtroom, and it brought forward survivors of the death camps to give their version of events. It also includes unedited footage that the Nazis filmed at the extermination camps, and it’s not pretty. The idea that the Holocaust was a hoax just to promote the interests of the Jewish people is outrageous, and whilst I get zero pleasure from sharing photos of the deceased, it can’t ever be repeated or ignored, and to think that there are people living beside us with this mentality is despicable.

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