Is Atheism the default position?

For some reason, this is a subject that I’ve noticed appear quite frequently on Twitter, and many argue that Atheism is the default position, and that it takes indoctrination into a faith to turn someone into a theist. When a baby is born, it has no concept about the world around it. It’s essentially an empty vessel that’s ready to be supplied with information so it can begin to understand the world around it.

How can a baby be an atheist? To reject the existence of something, or lack belief, you must first understand the subject. Does a baby understand the religion of Judaism, and the God, Yahweh, or Islam and the God, Allah? Of course it doesn’t, as it doesn’t have the mental capacity.

You can’t have a Muslim baby, you can only have a baby who has Muslim parents. The child will grow up learning about the parents’ beliefs and cultures, and when it reaches adulthood it will either go its own way, or stick to what they have learned from their parents.

Only once a person reaches adulthood, and they understand both sides can they make a decision. It’s like saying a baby can be born a racist. How is this possible if the baby has no concept of race, or be homophobic if it’s has no concept of sexuality, or misogynist, if it has no concept of sex?

When someone says that a baby doesn’t believe in God, it can’t be disputed as they don’t, but they also don’t have a political conviction either. If a baby was allowed to vote, how could they come to a logical conclusion about who’s the better candidate, when they don’t understand the political climate they live in? There is no default position, and it’s ludicrous for anyone to claim that there is.

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