Progressivism is a Disease?

We all know that social media is full of the wilfully ignorant, the misinformed, and the downright stupid, but in some idiot’s Twitter profile the phrase ‘Progressivism is a disease’ is on full display, for all and sundry to read. Seriously?

Let’s analyse what progressivism is about. It’s quite similar to liberalism, and it’s common for Christians to use the term ‘Libtard’ to describe liberals as they want freedom for all, whereas we all know that Christianity is a bondage for the mind. They don’t want choice and rights, they want everyone to do and act as the will of God commands, which is allegedly written in the Bible. Progressivism is an ideology that focuses on society progressing through advancements in science, education, infrastructure and social ideas.


Secularism is the separation of church and state. Why is this important? Secularism prevents one identity of gaining the upper hand. It puts everyone on an equal playing field regardless of religion, or philosophical stance. Not one position has priority over another.

Gun regulation

Gun crime in North America is rising by the year, despite gun owners denying this. You just have to follow the news to see that mass shootings are a regular occurrence, except in Canada as their inhabitants are usually too stoned to care. Australia took a severe stance against the normal man owning weapons, and gun crime dropped dramatically, so it does work, and can work if the obsession with gun culture was to end.


Medical, education, space programs and research require more funding. This isn’t speculation, it’s a fact. Why should a person have to pay for an education, when they are training to be a doctor, a lawyer or any other profession that is going to contribute back into society? Governments need to spend less money on war, and dominance over other nations, and more on exploration and discovery.

Freedom of expression and sexuality

Basic rights for LBGT+, women, ethnic minorities should be implemented everywhere, without religious bias and opposition. It’s 2019, not the dark ages, and humanity is looking at the stars. Every human should be born equal and be allowed to live equally without bigotry and prejudice.

This all seems beneficial to society, and appears fair, right? Any who opposes progress has to be of an unsound mind.

1 thought on “Progressivism is a Disease?

  1. You write very forcefully with cogent point after cogent point, making it an extreme pleasure to read, but my only quibble that I keep rocking back and forth when reading your sentences because of your fanatical use of bold type. Stick to your dark gun if you like, it’s your blog, but I wonder if you would shout those words if you did any audio of these posts?


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