How can there be a God?!

Some days I wake up and look at the world around me – Mass shootings, terrorism, lying politicians who destroy economies and put people out of work, people starving to death because of corrupt governments, ignorance of climate change, species going extinct, wildfires, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, priests abusing children and the Catholic Church attempting to cover it up, genocides and ethnic cleansing, babies born with two heads (below photo from India); and yet there are people out there that not only believe in God/s, but defend him.

If there are God/s, depending on your faith depends on which one you believe in, how can they let the above atrocities happen? What sort of life does a baby have in store for it when it’s born with two heads? How can any God justify it, or how can any theist defend their God? How could that baby possibly deserve to be born with two heads? Unlike most conjoined twins there are only one set of organs, so there’s no chance of separation. Many theists will blame this on sin from one of the baby’s descendants, and if that’s the case they are in favour and in full support of an evil God, as there’s nothing righteous about punishing a baby in this way. This is the same God that theists claim to get their moral standards from, and claim the faithless have no basis of morality.

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