We are just star stuff!

In many religious beliefs, a soul (psykhḗ) is the mortal essence of a human, as some Judeo-Christians believe only humans have been blessed with a soul, despite there being other sentient beings, but if you look at literal translations of the Bible, soul literally means ‘people‘, or ‘life‘. Some theologians argue that when a person dies, the soul dies with them, but their spirit (pneuʹma) lives on. The Bible refers to the spirit as the body’s life-force, and without the spirit the body cannot survive, and upon death the body returns to the dust, and the spirit returns to reside by God.

So, essentially our soul is in tune with the world around us, and guides our emotions, and our spirit is what keeps us in touch with God. Or do they? If we had a spirit that helps us keep in touch with God, then why doesn’t he speak to everyone and put the argument for atheism to bed?

I’d personally argue against the concept of the spirit and the soul, as once again it’s down to what the Bible claims as opposed to what can be proven by science. What people see as a spirit, and a soul is just electrical activity in the brain, and when the body dies, the brain dies with it.

Every atom in every living thing is born from stardust, and the advanced brain of humans is nothing more than a product of evolution.

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff”. – Carl Sagan

Stars begin their lives as huge clouds of gas and dust (even the Bible claims that Adam was born from dust), and gravity causes it to condense as it rotates, and as it heats its density grows and hydrogen fuses into helium, this is more commonly known as ‘nuclear fusion‘, which releases energy in the form of intense light and heat. The star’s life isn’t infinite, and towards the end of its evolution, its mass can get so heavy under its own gravitational force, the core collapses resulting in a massive and intense explosion – a Supernova

“All the carbon and oxygen in the human body, thus began in a dying star and are essentially the leftover ash from burning helium!” – Source

So where exactly does this leave room for a spirit, or a soul?