Lying for God

Theists, or more accurately, Abrahamic theists, will use any desperate measure to discredit people who have disbelief in God/s, in order to paint their religion in a good light. Some of the illogical things that they claim defy logic and are frankly ludicrous.


As we are well aware, atheism is the lack of belief in God/s, and what theists claim as sinful according to their Holy Book, is what they base their morality on, but how can they claim that anyone loves to sin? Just because someone doesn’t follow Biblical guidelines, does not make them addicted to sin. They claim that homosexuality is one of the biggest sins, but why? How is someone who falls in love with another human, and finds happiness with that person a sinner? Allegedly, all men are created in God’s image, so he’s not only created homosexuality in humans, but it’s also commonplace in the animal kingdom. So did he make a mistake, or is homosexuality perfectly normal in God’s eyes?


This is one of my favourites, and it’s far from uncommon. Despite many of the world’s top scientists throughout history having faith, the common Abrahamic theist has a tendency to ignore scientific facts in favour of superstition and fairytales. Although the Big Bang theory isn’t proven, it’s a more logical starting point than thinking God made the Earth less than 10,000 years ago, when scientists believe it to be closer to 4.543 billion years. Scientists have come to this conclusion due to strenuous research, and theists have come to their conclusion from the Bible. Scientists have sent humans into space, but some theists think this is impossible due to the Earth having a firmament and being flat, and this conclusion also comes from the Bible.

The evidence for Evolution is abundant, and I’ve covered this in several articles, but theists would rather accept that God made man from dust, and woman from man’s rib. There are so many errors in his alleged fine-tuning, that range from genetic mutations, to disease, to birth defects, that if everything was God’s creation, then he’s clearly not as perfect as theists make him out to be.


A religion has doctrines, dogma, ground rules, rituals, faith, worship, praying, Holy Books, sacred places, prophecies, gospels, symbols, and generally the belief in a supernatural deity, or God. Atheism has none of these, as it’s simply the refusal to accept the existence of a God, due to insufficient evidence. There are thousands of religions, that all mean something to the people who practise them, but each one rejects any other, as theirs is right, and any other is wrong.

We’ve all been told that it takes more faith to reject God/s, than it does to accept God/s. When someone is accused of a crime, and the accused gets acquitted by a jury, it is more often than not a result of either not enough evidence to convict, or the evidence for innocence is adequate. It’s got nothing to do with faith, it’s about analysing the information you’re given, and reaching a conclusion without bias.


This is an extremely common fallacy, and I’d say that it’s one of the laziest and idiotic assumptions that theists have at their disposal. What they refuse to acknowledge, remain wilfully ignorant about, or blatantly lie about is the fact that communism, fascism and tyrannical dictatorship is responsible, not atheism. Hitler, and the Nazi party were clearly obsessed with anti-Semitic, fascist, Christian ideology, but we can’t blame Christianity for the actions of a psychopath, who somehow managed to brainwash a country, and its churches because Germany was vulnerable and wanted change, and a return to glory with the promise of new beginnings.

Using this logic, atheism cannot be blamed for the actions of Stalin, or Lenin, when they overthrew a corrupt royal family, and a corrupt church, that was ruining a nation. The common peasant relished and encouraged the revolution, and Lenin and Stalin were there to pick up the pieces. Did they go about it in an ethical way, no, but this was about complete control over the Russian Empire, and not atheistic agendas.


I fail to understand how someone can hate something that they lack belief in, and if they genuinely hated God, that implies belief, yet I read this regularly, and it’s a particularly illogical claim. Some atheists may have a strong dislike towards theists for many reasons, but that’s got nothing to do with an alleged hatred for God. God’s never spoken to me, and all I know about him is what’s written in the Bible, and the nonsense theists claim about him, but considering I’m not susceptible to childlike fairytales, and as an adult it’s unhealthy to have imaginary friends, I obviously cannot hate God.


People are people, and some are undesirable. Whether you have faith, or not, we are still human beings, and are influenced by opinions, desires, ambitions and life-goals. It’s irrational to claim that just because someone has faith, then they are incapable of doing the wrong thing. This is commonly known as the ‘No true Scotsman fallacy‘, and it’s extremely common. Essentially the claim is that no true Christian could do something wrong, or unethical, or unChristian in nature. Take Oliver Cromwell, who was an extremely devoted Christian, but he went to Ireland and with help from his New Model Army, he waged war against Catholicism and brutality butchered many people, yet because of his actions, he can’t be a true Christian.

There are many more fallacies, like there are no atheists in foxholes, or even the claim that there aren’t any real atheists, as everyone knows God exists. It’s painful the extent that theists will go in their ad hominem attacks against atheists to attempt to shift their burden of proof.