Christianity and its hypocrisy

Two months ago I wrote an article called The contradictions of Christianity, but I’ve had more thoughts since then. The inconsistencies that come from Christians is outrageous, and they are simply unable to accept accountability. The atheist atrocities fallacy is a prime example. They claim that communism is a religion, that’s founded on atheism, so by this logic atheism is solely responsible for 100,000,000+ deaths, despite communism being about social control and structure.

Take Russia as an example of this. The revolution of 1917 happened because of several reasons, and despite Russia being one of the most religious countries in the world, the Orthodox Church was corrupt, and was in bed with a royal family that was terribly cruel to its subjects. A revolution happened because the peasants welcomed it, because frankly, their lives were shit. Theists will never accept that the church was the reason that the revolution happened, they just fixate on atheism killing people, and make ludicrous claims that Stalin didn’t study to become a priest before his interest in politics, and that religion was outlawed when it never actually was, and during World War II, Stalin asked for the churches support. Yet this gets glossed over every time.

Try telling them that Hitler was born a Catholic, and even though he became a fascist dictator, the church welcomed him and supported him into power. The whole country wanted change, and they believed that he was the man to do it, and even signed a treaty with the Pope. But no, history is wrong, and Hitler was clearly an atheist, as no real Christian would ever do anything bad. Cough *Inquisition*

The double standards issue with Christianity is glaringly obvious when you look at it as an outsider. I’ve covered free will in other articles, but Christians claim that we have a choice, and God loves us, but if we choose not to follow him, then we will face God’s judgement, and spend an eternity in Hell. In other words, follow me, or it’s going to get a bit warm for you, but it’s your choice, love you! ❤️

It’s also apparent in the allloving God that wiped out a whole planet except one family because he was unhappy at the way his creation was going, due to violence and wickedness. So according to Christians this was deserved as God made then so had to right to remove them. What about pregnant women? He murdered unborn babies in the womb, and Christians are apparently fine with this, and God was justified. Yet it the next breath, they claim to be prolife, and claim that all life is precious, and abortion is murder. But it’s okay if God does it, and this is who they claim to get their moral superiority from. All life is precious, until you’re old enough to choose a path and if you become an atheist, a follower of another faith, or a nonbinary sexuality then you’re a sinner and worthy of Hell. The hypocrisy is off the scale!

In America especially, Christianity is shown privilege, and none more so than when the devout Christian Cedric Anderson, a alleged domestic abuser, went into a school, and fired ten bullets at his wife, killing her and a student, and wounding another before killing himself. Were Christian churches asked to condemn the actions of this man? No, they weren’t, and did Trump do his usual Twitter condemning? No, he didn’t, but when Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, attacked the Inland Regional Center (IRC), in San Bernardino, killing 14 people, Trump instantly condemned them, and called for a ban of Muslims entering America, which he implemented when he became President in 2017, Executive Order 13769, but it only lasted two months due to pressure.

So as you can see, the hypocrisy from Christianity goes all the way to the top. How can you condemn one religion, and not condemn another for doing the same acts. Obviously one was labelled as an act of terrorism, but both incidents ended with the deaths of innocent people.