Think for yourself, act for everyone!

Ever been told that you cannot be ethical and that you’re morally bankrupt without a God?

Ever been told that without God then you can’t justify the difference between good and evil?

Ever been told that you’re a nihilist, or have narcissistic tendencies because you’re an atheist, and you’re self-absorbed?

Ever been told that God has given us all free will, but choose not to follow him and you’re sentenced to an eternity in the fires of Hell?

I have more times than I can count. I don’t need the reward of Heaven to justify why I should be compassionate, I do it because I’ve a conscience, and I genuinely care about the feelings of others. Yeah, I may use a bit of profanity against the wilfully ignorant on Twitter, but it’s often against people that show no respect towards what I stand for.

I stand for religious equality and freedom, which is why I support secularism, and no way should the church ever be able to influence the decisions of a government, but it does and it’s going to take time, education and protesting to remove automatic religious seats in government.

I stand for gender and sexual equality, and because same sex couples exist, or gender reassignment exists, doesn’t make them any less of a human, and many of my followers on Twitter are homosexual, or trans, and the majority show humility and empathy towards their fellow humans, despite living day to day as victims from religion.

I stand for racial equality, and to think that anyone is superior, or inferior, due to the colour of their skin is as backwards as any opinion could ever be, and considering it’s now 2020 we shouldn’t even be discussing this.

This is why those six words are so important, and sums up Humanism perfectly. I can do it in four words, but I can’t see Humanists UK using it as their slogan, so ‘Think for yourself, act for everyone!’ is just as good, and to the point as ‘Don’t be a dick‘.