Why believe in God?

It seems futile, right? Most people have family and friends, so there’s emotional support in times of need. People who will actually engage with you and present advice, offer compassion or just a shoulder to cry on, or someone to listen. Theists pray and assume their God is listening, but is he? There’s nothing stopping someone who praying to be gunned down like the atrocity in Christchurch, or anyone facing certain death at the hands of a they to be blown up whilst praying, or praying to God knowing that you are going to die due to a freak accident in a plane hurtling towards the ground at 500 mph. He’s not going to intervene and stop the plane from crashing killing all onboard, is he? Yet people are convinced God is listening, and answers their prayers.

Theists are convinced that there’s an afterlife. Almost every religion past and present assume they will be judged accordingly and sent to where they belong, but what if they’re wrong? What if when they die, they die, and the light is turned off. That’s what I think happens, and when the body dies, the brain dies and it’s game over. That’s why it’s important to do good by people, and to enjoy as many life experiences as possible, just so long as it’s at no other person’s expense. Imagine spending your entire life following a list of doctrines and dogma, for it to be a complete waste of time, unfortunately there’s no time left for a ‘told you so‘ moment.

The problem is fear, the fear of questioning your God’s existence, and if you do, will he judge you for it? Other than believing in no God/s, I’ve lived a decent life, and I’ve no regrets. I’m not a criminal and I’m a loyal and faithful person, who cares about people around me. If after my death I face God, other than the fact I never believed in him, what could he be angry about? It’s his fault that I’m a non-believer, as he’s never made himself known to me. It’s not my Job to attempt to seek every one of the thousands of Gods until one answers me. I’m not a person of faith, I’m a person of facts. I’m a grown adult and I’m not about playing games of hide and seek.

Does believing in a God make you moral? How can it? The Biblical God caused genocide, punished humanity for the sins of Adam and Eve, allowed slavery, allowed his only son to die a brutal and humiliating death, and countless other atrocities if the Old Testament is anything to go by. Is it moral to worship a God who’s self-absorbed and has a ‘worship me or else‘ attitude, who has a superiority complex who claims all of the other Gods are fake Gods. Is it moral to be judgemental about people who have different sexual preferences and fall in love with someone of the same sex? NO, it is not.

Morality is about leading an ethical life and trying to minimise suffering and maximise happiness. It’s about showing compassion to people who need it, and showing empathy, as in putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You can’t love thy neighbour without question if you’re looking at the world through God goggles, as you’ve got so many preconceptions brainwashed into you, and more often than not theists are too far indoctrinated to understand this.