Make America Great Again

I’ve already touched on this with my article ‘Would Jesus support Trump?’, but the MAGA crowd is seriously getting out of hand, and their unashamed ignorant bigotry is off the scale. One individual I encountered yesterday on Twitter used the slogan ‘LibertyGunsJesus‘, which if you ask me isn’t a normal attitude to life. I don’t ever recall seeing any image of Jesus in a Church, or religious establishment, brandishing a firearm. Thirty six years before Trump’s successful presidential campaign, ‘Ronald Reagan‘ used a similar slogan, ‘Let’s Make America Great Again‘. This time, however, it’s synonymous with bigoted, hate-filled, pro-life, God-fearing, gun-toting hypocrites, who attempt to hide their racism through Bibles verses.

“I predict that in 10 years from now, the Red “Make America Great” Hats will be a symbol of Racism that people avoid in a similar way as they do the Swastika.” – Ed Krassenstein

The MAGA mentality is about putting the alleged belief in ‘Jesus‘, and their obsession with ‘Donald Trump‘ before everything else regardless of the consequences. Jesus was supposed to represent love, but are the hashtags ‘#DrainTheSwamp‘, ‘#BuildTheWall‘, ‘#DemonRats‘, ‘#Libtards‘ and ‘#AmericaFirst‘ representing love? We all know what happened the last time the America First slogan was used, when the resurgence of the ‘Ku Klux Klan‘ emerged during World War I, and twelve years later during a Ku Klux Klan march in New York on ‘Memorial Day‘, a certain ‘Fred C Trump‘ was arrested. Who happens to be the father of the 45th President of the United States, a certain Donald Trump. What Fred’s role was is uncertain, but surely it’s brought about some embarrassment from his son, but unless you’re arrested, no one knows who’s behind the mask.

“Most Nazis, KKK members, MAGA minions, and other deplorable racists don’t even know they’re racists, because they don’t know that the malicious lies they believe about other races aren’t actually true.” – Oliver Markus Malloy

I’m not anti-American at all, but I fail to understand the ‘Great Again‘ suggestion. As far as I’m aware, from America’s Inception, which I covered in my article ‘Inception to Independence‘, is tarnished with controversy, from the extermination of the indigenous population, to the slave trade where Africans were abducted, and taken to America to be treated like animals. The Second World War is heavily remembered with America only joining the war because the ‘Japanese‘ attacked the military base at ‘Pearl Harbour‘, and as a reply, they decimated ‘Hiroshima‘ and ‘Nagasaki‘ with atomic weapons, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The U.S army have committed many more atrocities throughout Asia in the ‘Korean War‘, the ‘Vietnam war‘, and in Arab states like ‘Iraq‘ and ‘Afghanistan‘.

As you can see in the below profile screenshots of several of Trump’s brainwashed followers, they could literally be the same person.

One of the major issues that the MAGA crowd don’t understand is that Trump’s ego is so over-inflated, and he loves himself more than he loves America. They’re under the illusion that everything he’s done, or allegedly done is for the people, when it’s really about him, and how he’ll be remembered as a president. The MAGA crowd don’t realise how much of an international bully America is, and how despised by so many countries it is due to it thinking that it’s Team America: World Police. Every time something happens in his favour he takes credit, even when credit isn’t due, and his tribe of Trumpanzees lap it up, often oblivious to what’s going on. I understand political allegiance but many have a cult like mentality, who see the ‘Democrat party‘ as liberal devil worshippers, which in itself is an oxymoron. Just over ten years ago, Donald Trump was a member of the Democrat party, but it seems the MAGA crowd gave incredibly short memories.

He’s consistently lied, misled, got confused, and made racist comments, which should really leave his majority Christian followers seething, but they love him now more than ever. He’s forever being accused of scandal, he’s been married three times, and allegedly had sexual relations with porn stars, yet supporters of the Republican Party think he’s been chosen by God, and if this is the case, God’s let his standards slip to an all time low!