Why is the word cunt so offensive?

I’ve had my Twitter account limited for twenty four hours as I called someone an ‘ignorant cunt‘, but why is it deemed a ‘Twitter crime‘, and why is it claimed by many as perhaps one of the most offensive words in the English language? People who classify themselves as ‘linguistically bold‘, believe that profanity is a necessary way to express yourself. But is ‘cunt‘ going too far, and if so why?

The word became taboo in the last hundred years or so, and is a word that is often used to shock, but how can a word that describes gender genitalia be so offensive to so many people? In Latin the word ‘cunnus‘ means ‘vulva‘, or ‘vagina‘ in English, and it’s literal translation is ‘sword sheath‘. It’s also somewhat said to be linked to the oriental goddess ‘Kunti‘, who’s associated with divine feminine power, as is the Roman goddess ‘Cunina‘.

So why was the word shifted from female empowerment, to a derogatory term? The answer is simple: ‘Christianity‘. As per usual clergymen, especially ones that followed ‘Catholicism‘ couldn’t accept that the female could hold power, let alone be a Goddess, so typically female power was linked to the devil. When ‘Christianity‘ began to spread throughout Europe, people were converted from ‘Paganism‘ and told that in no certain terms was God anything but a man.

The clergymen feared ‘Yonic‘ symbols and architecture which resembled a ‘vagina‘, ‘vulva‘ or ‘uterus‘ which was commonplace is south east Asia where ‘Shakti‘ (शक्तिThe great divine mother) is worshipped in Hinduism, and was also found in certain Pagan symbols and artwork. This was referred to as ‘Cunnus Diaboli‘, which literally meant ‘Devilish Cunt‘ as the clergy saw a woman’s sexual organs as a ‘force of evil‘, and shrines, statues and architecture were ritually destroyed by Christianity as they were considered blasphemous. In ‘Yoga‘, one of the hand positions is called Yoni Mudra‘, which symbolises the creation of life in the form of a uterus, and is said to take you to a state of mind similar to the one experienced in the womb as a foetus.

So thanks to Christianity, and their fear of a female’s sexual organs, that initially represented the power of the woman, and the creator of life, has become a derogatory curse that’s associated with a lack of divine belief, and evil. Perhaps this explains why so many Catholic priests prefer being paedophiles‘ as their fear of a ‘cunt‘ is too much for them!