Feminism: Why do so many oppose it?

Women have been oppressed, dominated and treated like property by men for as long as humanity has existed, and no more so in religious circles. As soon as women decide to stand up and become empowered, many men feel threatened and actually adopt an ‘antifeminism‘ stance, because women just want equality? Oxford Dictionary describes feminism as:

“the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

For anyone to openly admit that they’re anti-equality proves that they are unashamed of their ‘bigotry‘ and obviously feel a sense of ‘superiority‘ over women. Women struggled for suffrage just like black peoples did in the last century, and it’s only in the last hundred years that both had their votes taken seriously, but that came with much struggle, and protesting. There are constant political campaigns to reform laws against ‘domestic violence‘, ‘equal pay‘, ‘reproductive rights‘ and ‘sexual harassment‘. Like any political movement there are extremists that take it too far, but many humanists are also feminists as they campaign against ‘genital mutilation‘, and ‘abortion rights‘.

Is it the word ‘feminism‘ that men oppose, or is it the movement? It’s strange that people can be so judgemental about a word, but any woman that’s been oppressed by a male partner, or has done the same job as a male colleague but gets paid less, or works for a male who finds it perfectly acceptable to be ‘hands on‘, or to use inappropriate, suggestive language, knows all too well that we still aren’t at a state of equality. Is it because women are built differently than men and aren’t considered equal physically then there’s no way that a man and a woman can be equal?

Anti-feminists often ignore the fact that women just want to be treated fairly and arrive at the conclusion that they are automatically ‘antimen‘, but this isn’t always the case. Anti-feminists often claim that feminism is promoting ‘antitraditional roles‘, or opposing ‘religious expectations‘ and morality as it allegedly breaks down a family, as there are still people that expect gender roles; be it the man being the provider and the woman being a mother and the homemaker.