Why are so many American Christians despicable and vile?

Quite a bold question, I’m sure you’ll all agree, but is it a fair question? I know not all American Christians are vile. I know plenty have faith, try and be respectful and live purposeful lives. But there’s another side to it, and it’s become extremely prominent since ‘Donald Trump‘ bullshitted his way into the White House and became Commander and Chief of the United States of America, and ‘Mike Pence‘ became his religious supremacist vice-president.

MAGA (Make America Great Again) is an acronym you’ll all have seen on many a Twitter profile. It’s essentially a racist, fascist recipe with several key ingredients.

• Of course you must support Trump. He’s quickly becoming America’s ‘Joseph Goebbels’, who’s a politician to the fascist dictatorship of God, who obviously deems it acceptable that Trump has created concentration camps for immigrants.

• You must claim pro-life and be vehemently against abortion regardless of the reasoning behind it. But when the baby becomes an adult and declares themselves homosexual you must despise them with no mercy. You only accept there are two genders and anything other than that is a mental defect, confusion or a perversion against God.

• You must value all life, as being a true Christian means you love everyone equally. Unless you’re a filthy, disease spreading, rapist, criminal, immigrant then you are no better than vermin. Build the wall they cry because it worked so well dividing Berlin between 1961 to 1989.

• You are here to serve God, as he loves us all, but just in case God isn’t looking you must demand that the military is expanded and arm yourselves to the teeth, in case those Satanist liberals stop respecting human values, and try and start the ‘New World Order‘.

• As a loving Christian you must despise every other religion, and pay no attention to atheism, as they are subhuman communists who work for Satan. God will judge their sin when it’s their time.

• The ‘Democ(rats)’ can’t ever be trusted. They want to take away the Christian values that the United States of America was founded on. Any time that someone claims that the first amendment is being violated, it means the damned liberals are taking away religious freedom. We can’t let them turn the U.S.A into a democratic, secularist nation. Our children must fear the Lord, and be indoctrinated to obey. Religious education must be mandatory or our proud nation will become a hedonistic state.

• God protects all that serves him, but try and take away our arsenal of weapons and there’ll be a blood bath. It’s our God given right to bear arms and I will own as many as I like.

• You must hate news networks. All they do is spread fake news about the most generous, courageous, handsome president the U.S. has ever had. You must follow him on Twitter and retweet him, even when he’s talking nonsense, or acting like a spoiled brat. Anyone dares to question him and you gather more MAGATS and try to publicly humiliate them, using your good old fashioned Christian charm.

So basically Trump has made racism, bigotry and misogyny acceptable again, despite people tirelessly trying to remove it from society. Anyone who wants a fair society where everyone is treated equally is a weak libtard, and only those that follow the word of the Bible have any value, and many believe that the constitution is based on the ‘Ten Commandments‘.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world and is one of the three ‘monotheistic Abrahamic‘ religions that includes ‘Judaism‘ and ‘Islam‘, and Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism which originated after the death of the alleged messiah, ‘Jesus Christ‘. Christianity’s basis is of the life and teachings of Jesus, and includes ‘Protestantism‘, ‘Eastern Orthodox‘ and ‘Catholicism‘. All of the schisms agree that Jesus was prophesied in the ‘Old Testament‘ and died on the cross for man’s sin, and rose from the grave for the salvation of humanity, but they disagree on other areas of teaching. The summary of the widely accepted Christian doctrine is as follows:

‪• Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit‬

‪• The death, descent into hell, resurrection and ascension of Christ‬

• The holiness of the Church and the communion of saints‬

‪• Christ’s second coming, the Day of Judgement and salvation of the faithful

‬ – Source

Essentially belief in Jesus, and accept that his death and resurrection were for man’s sin, and if you repent you’ll be offered salvation for your sin and offered eternal life beside God in Heaven. Jesus was allegedly born a Jew in ‘Galileo‘, and upon reaching adulthood he became a rabbi and then a religious leader who spent his entire life preaching the word of God, and he supposedly never sinned. Many theologians claim that Jesus was an incarnation of God, and the Holy Spirit and makes up the trinity. Jesus, or ‘Yeshua‘ taught many things, but his ethical teachings are what I will focus on. He taught to refrain from hatred and lust, to love your enemies, to turn the other cheek and most of all, forgiveness, however difficult that may be. As a Christian the aim is to make yourself a better person by helping others in need and making a difference to the world.

So why are there literally billions of Christians around the world who study and act out the moral parables taught by Jesus, but so many American Christians may believe but don’t adhere to the ethical lessons he tried to teach his followers. Why are so many of them so hateful towards people that differ to them, or life their lives in a contrast? Isn’t God the one to judge, and his followers to concentrate on making their own lives successful? Why are so many American Christians despicable and vile?

2 thoughts on “Why are so many American Christians despicable and vile?

  1. In the “value all life” part, you forgot LGBT people, although they seemingly attack transgender people more these days than gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. What we’re seeing now is only the latest incarnation of the Christian Right movement, which has been a negative political force in our country since the late 1970s. There were a lot of reasons why I left religion altogether, but politicians using their religion as a reason to legislate discrimination and bigotry was definitely near the top of the list.

    Americans didn’t fight for independence from a monarch who is also the head of a church just to have another church decide what our laws should be. I think our founding fathers would have been embarrassed by how much of an influence the religious lobby has on our government now.

    I know you’re in the UK; I don’t know if you have Netflix or not, but if you do, see if Netflix UK has a miniseries called “The Family”. It’s about an organization that’s just *one* of several religious organizations and lobbying groups that have been trying to influence the American federal government for decades.

    And yes, it disturbs me just as much as it disturbs you that so many people here think Trump was “chosen by God”…it makes me shudder in disgust. He’s supposedly a Presbyterian, but I think he worships only two things: money and power…with a side of self-centeredness.

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  2. As an atheist of over 40 years? Oh boy the stories I could tell you. Nothing quite says Christian love like Christian hate. And here is what is funny. No, really comical.

    Atheists, lgbts, and Pagans are all supposed to lay down for these ChristoTaliban fascists. Yeah, we are just supposed to lay down and take their crap against us and not stand up or do anything about their spreading of hate and death against us, or not throw it back into their faces because then? That makes us the haters and the persecutors of Christians.

    I use satire a lot thanks to my heroes George Carlin and others. And I slam them. I say that Christians who spread hate and death from their pulpits to shouts of hearty amens from their psychotic followers? Should reap what they sow and have done unto them as they do unto others. That pisses them off big time and gets me called a Christian hater and murderer all the time by the very ChristoTalibans whose hate I expose on an almost daily basis on my blog.

    And then? Don’t you dare speak of all their pedo priests and pastors. Oh why no, that disturbs their pathological lies that it is lgbts and us atheists who are the pedophiles. But they cannot stand against all the stories I post about their pedophiles and then? Attack my blog and demand it be removed from WordPress because it is all “hate and bigotry and lies about Christians”.

    I got news for these ChristoTalibans. I know True Christians. They are basically good people. It is the ChristoTalibans I take a stand against, and these punk bullies hiding behind a religion to spread their bigotry, misogyny, hate and death? Do not like it when they do in fact? Reap back what they sow and have done unto them as they do unto us. Because then? They get their White Jesus panties in a big old bunch and cry how they are being persecuted.


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