All we have is subjective morality

You must have engaged with a theist who claims that atheists have no basis for morality, and with their claim of morality being subjective then atheists cannot maintain that rape or murder is wrong, so are free to rape and plunder without consequence? This is a prime example of how religion removes any notion of rationality or logic.

I’m an atheist, and a humanist who’s a supporter of secularism, antidisestablishmentarianism, and quite anti-theistic in my views, as I strongly think that religion is the root of the majority of the history of the world’s evil and corruption. Many religious groups are misogynistic, racist, oppressive, judgemental and corrupt. Just look at the Catholic Church as a prime example of corruption. Is there a larger criminal organisation?

Despite being outspoken about anti- theism I’m still of the mindset that people are allowed a choice, and if they choose a faith, then it’s their right as a human being to practise it. But does them following a religion, and its rules make their moral decisions more ethical than an atheist? Of course it doesn’t. Bad people do bad things, and good people do good things and labelling yourself as a Muslim, an atheist or a Christian doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being bad or good. I’m in a monogamous marriage, I have a full time job where I pay my taxes, I’ve no criminal record as I’ve never been arrested and other than curse at someone I’ve never caused another human being any harm. I support a number of charities, and I’m a vegetarian as an ethical decision as I believe all sentient life has a purpose. Yet in the eyes of certain people who troll social media, I have no basis for morality so anything goes.

From a young age the majority of people are taught by their parents and then school teachers what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable so you’re prepared to live in a society that has expectations. Although consequences for actions aren’t initially understand, a child becomes aware as they mature and get a better understanding of the world around them. The majority of people develop a conscience, which is a moral sense of right or wrong, and if you hurt someone you often get a feeling of guilt or remorse, and once you engage empathy and you walk in that person’s shoes, you realise that you wouldn’t want to be in their position. The older a person gets, the more they should understand that human rights are essential to successfully thrive in a society, and any infringement on those rights ie: rape, murder, theft is unacceptable. No one needs an ethical guideline from religious scripture to inform them what’s right or wrong.

If a 2000 year old book suggests that two men laying together is a sin, what makes that objectively moral? It’s allegedly the words of God, but what makes the decisions by the God the foundations of morality? How are two people of the same sex, in the privacy of their own home, causing no one any harm as they are consensual adults a sin? Because a God that the believers can’t even prove exists says so?

For something to be objective then it can’t be influenced by feeling or opinions, it has to be deeply rooted in facts. Christians cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt that YHWH exists, Muslims cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt that Allah exists, so it’s down to personal belief, and that’s subjective, not objective. So all we have is subjective morality, and it’s choices we make that can affect people in a positive or negative way.

3 thoughts on “All we have is subjective morality

  1. I do not care if someone believes in a god or worships one. I liken someone to worshiping a god to worshiping a rock. YOU can worship what ever rock you want. You can call your rock the most powerful, most moral, omnipresent, omnipotent rock in the history of the Universe. You have every right to worship and believe in your rock, or many rocks, or no rocks. your BUT? Never take your rock and smash someones head in because they do not believe in the same rock as you do? Or do not believe in any rocks. And do not slam someone who does not worship your rock and insult, denigrate and defame them. Because then? Those of who you do so to? Have every right to do unto you as you do unto them and you reap back what you sow with your rock.

    Every human has a right? To protect themselves from some rock worshipper wishing to do them harm. This is not hating on the person who worships the rock, it is in fact? Loving yourself enough to stand up to those who want to persecute you or kill you with their rock. NO rock worshipper has a right to brutally murder another person with their rock. Or deny them their rights that is common to all humanity. The right to decide for one owns self, and not have some rock worshiper decide for you.


  2. I find it amazing that theists, especially Christians say this of us. I mean they proclaim how with their god and Jesus? They are the most moral people in the world and have a right to even force their versions of morality upon us.

    Their morality in 335 AD? Gave them the right to declare Paganism a death penalty punishment and? Proceeded to do 9 Crusades where? In a forced conversion program? Put hundreds of thousands of Pagans to death, put to death on the spot a Pagan child playing with a Pagan statute, Pagan priests and priestesses put to brutal deaths, destruction of all Pagan temples and centers of education and knowledge like the great libraries of that time.

    Their morality said when they did their Crusades to Jerusalem? It was alright to slaughter whole towns of Jews on the way to Jerusalem and once they got there? Slaughtered more Jews and fellow Christians than Muslims and in the First Crusades? Even cannibalized the dead, rotting corpses of the people they butchered.

    Their morality told them it was perfectly fine to invent some of the most evil, diabolical torture tools to use on people they declared as heretics, blasphemers, witches, and scientists. Murdering untold number of people in their Roman Catholic and Protestant Inquisitional periods.

    Their morality, under their Manifest Destiny ChristoTaliban laws and rules allowed Christians to commit the worst case of mass genocide/extermination in recorded human history against us Native Americans of North, Central and South American. Wiping out whole Nations of us and doing all they could to literally exterminate us off the face of the earth.

    These are just a few examples, I could include their mass genocides in recent history in Bosnia and Somolia, or their brutal murders of lgbts, witches (Yeah witches, and albino children in many “Christianized” African countries)

    But? They have in their moral laws? Thou shall do no murder thou shall not steal, thou shall not bear false witness, and? Their biggest rule given to them by their Jesus? YOU shall love ALL of your neighbors as you love yourself.

    So? Christians slamming us atheists for our supposed ability to have lack of morals because we do not believe as they do? Shows their complete and utter hypocrisy in that? They demand of us atheists? What they themselves? Will not do unto atheists themselves.


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