Why I show irreverence to claims by theists

I’ve always identified as an atheist, as I’ve been without any god my entire life, but atheism doesn’t sum my feelings up well enough any more. Before I registered on Twitter I was literally oblivious as to what religious people were claiming and to be honest I couldn’t have cared less. I initially created the Helicon account to argue against believers in Flat Earth, but soon realised that many of them were religious and my focus shifted away from Flat Earth and moved towards theology. When I debate about something I like to be aware of the facts so that I don’t come across as ignorant, so I spent time researching Abrahamic religions, and religions previous to them which they unashamedly borrowed from, or putting it more accurately, plagiarised.

In the last year I’ve come across many theists ranging from the ignorant to the well read apologists, and their arguments are often the same, and boils down to ‘everything needs a creator, the Bible is God’s word, so God must exist and he loves us all, and because non theists can’t explain a first cause for either the universe or life, then this is obviously proof of God.’ I’ve heard all of the arguments, and sometimes they have been presented rather eloquently, but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s all speculation, assumptions and based on blind faith. They have no evidence whatsoever to back up any of their claims, and the only way they can attempt to create an argument is by bringing up the ‘you can’t be good without having moral absolutes provided by God‘ fallacy.

I think it’s much more accurate to identify as an ‘anti-theist‘ and show much irreverence to anything any of them claim, as religion twists and pollutes the mind, and causes a distinct lack of reasoning. It’s much more honest to admit that there’s no answer to a question than having an answer you’re too afraid to question, because how could the word of God possibly be wrong. This is where the Biblical house of cards comes tumbling down as God strikes fear into the hearts of his flock, and despite believers claiming he loves them, they have no desire to witness his wrath, so they choose to be ignorant, as ignorance isn’t a sin in God’s eyes.

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