Why the Scientific Method is so crucial?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding regarding how science works, and it’s mostly from theists who are of the opinion that everything has been created, and completely disregard naturalism, as they are fearful of questioning their faith. I’ve said before that it’s much more honest to admit that you don’t know the answer to a question, than believing that an answer can’t be questioned. Accepting what’s written in your chosen holy book, and completely disregarding other possibilities is intellectual dishonesty, and is a common form of wilful ignorance, and confirmation bias, as the individual is unwilling to put their beliefs to one side and think critically. Many theists I’ve conversed with on Twitter are of the opinion that many scientists are biased and with agendas, but any scientist who wishes to have their field of expertise taken as credible, will use the scientific method, as it’s the only real way that impartial truth can be ascertained. Another fallacy is science relies on faith, which is as preposterous as it is ridiculous, as faith is defined as accepting something that’s not based on fact, whereas science, meaning ‘scientia‘ (Latin for knowledge) is about reaching a testable and repeatable conclusion.

Sir Francis Bacon

ipsa scientia potestas est” – Sir Francis Bacon

The above quote from ‘Sir Francis Bacon‘ meansknowledge is itself power‘. Bacon was one of the first to adopt the scientific method, and is regarded as the father of empirical evidence which comes about from observations experiments, and methodology. Francis Bacon was born in London, 1561, and as well as holding several high ranking government positions, he was well known for his philosophies of science and how to reach the tangible truth, which means reality, not spirituality. His new way of studying the reality we live in was greeted, as you’d expect with much scepticism, and although he was crucial to the scientific revolution, his methodology wasn’t adopted immediately. Below are the methods that Bacon proposed:

“The man of science has learned to believe in justification, not by faith, but by verification.” – Thomas Huxley

Why is the Scientific Method so crucial?

The scientific method is an objective way to reach the truth, by avoiding bias, prejudice and personal opinion, and in science the results have to be reviewed and repeatable, so bias has to be avoided, and even whilst adopting the scientific method, mistakes can be made, but the margin of error is limited, and will be picked up upon by another scientist attempting to repeat the hypothesis, and once it’s confirmed by multiple sources, and it’s peer reviewed, it gets put forward to the scientific community as a theory, and this is where the confusion with people who don’t understand the scientific method begins. ‘It’s just a theory, and a theory isn’t fact‘. This is where they are wrong, and a scientific theory is very much a fact. The standard understanding of theory is guesswork, or an assumption, but a scientific theory is the result of an explanation which the scientific community has repeatedly tested its validity.

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