Why America is losing its religion

Americans aren’t happy, and it’s because their overly patriotic nationalists are fearful that Christianity is losing its influence. Since the birth of social media, people are able to debate instantly with other people from all around the world, and with the internet becoming so advanced, it’s made researching a lot simpler. This has led to a surge of people critically thinking and leaving their faith behind, to the distaste of the American Christians who believe it’s the influence of Satan over society. What many Americans fail to recognise is they live in multicultural, cosmopolitan cities, and many people don’t believe in the Christian god, as they have their own faiths. Gone are the days when everyone was a Christian, and they socially gathered at church. One of the biggest things to impact America is the desire for secularism, and many Christians believe that’s it’s a personal attack against their faith, in an attempt to remove Christianity from society, but it’s not. It’s about giving everyone an equal voice, without one religious denomination having priority over another, yet many evangelicals see it as secular atheism, and atheists wishing to remove god from America.

“If Christ were here, there is one thing he would not be—a Christian” – Mark Twain

Over a quarter of Americans now identify as either being non-religious, agnostic, or atheists, which according to the Pew research centre, is a 17% rise in ten years, and this has impacted Christianity with roughly 65% identifying as Christians, but many not practising their faith. Christianity very well may eventually become insignificant to the majority of the American population. If you look through the history of America, which is quite a short life span, it’s undergone some dramatic situations, and atrocities in the name of god. Slavery, persecution of the indigenous population, suffrage, Ku Klux Klan, and the Civil Rights movement, that have all been consequences from the actions of Christianity, and despite many Christians claiming that no true Christian would commit an act of atrocity, history doesn’t lie, and many younger Americans feel like they need to distance themselves from it. Add to that the MAGA crowd, who are often far right nationalists that claim their love of god, and belief in pro life, but are obsessed with the 2nd amendment, and are bigoted towards anything without their alleged Christian values.

One of the reasons that Christianity is losing followers is their disregard to the dignity and rights of the LBGTQ society, and despite many of them growing up with a religious background, they often have no choice but to disaffiliate themselves with their church due to prejudice and discrimination, and whilst some churches are accepting, many are not. Many denominations of Christianity vehemently oppose liberal views, as allowing everyone their own identity is a rebellion against god. Out of the 50 states in America, literally a handful have progressed to attempt to protect the rights of the LBGTQ society. There are no federal laws to protect them against discrimination from employers, housing and social services, and many are outright rejected. America is renowned for being slow when civil rights are involved, and it took over 80 years for women’s suffrage to get them the right to vote, and despite African American men being allowed to vote 50 years prior, it was over 100 years before the black civil rights movement gained momentum, and still to this day racism is prevalent n America. If these examples are anything to go by, it’ll be a while before the archaic opinions of the average right wing MAGA become accepting towards them.

In America right now, the younger generation are much more educated than their parents and grandparents, and don’t prioritise their church activity, as the world is changing, and many feel that the church is out of touch with modern society. The two biggest religious denominations in America are the a Catholic Church, and the Southern Baptists, and both are surrounded with allegations of sexual misconduct from preachers. The church is known to support hospitals, and universities, and accounts for a portion of the economy, but other countries with more secular views find other ways to support the hospitals and universities. In the U.K we have the national health service, where you can visit a medical practitioner and not have to pay, but the universities have fees and students often leave with debts, which they have to repay once they gain employment. The church has no involvement, as a rule, unless it’s a religious school and that’s usually state funded.

Recent polls have discovered that 2/3rds of Americans want to churches to stay out of politics, and claim that it’s unethical for religious leaders to show support for certain candidates based on their religious beliefs, and they should remain neutral. If this trend continues then perhaps one day we may see a homosexual atheist in the White House. Many youths of America see religious leaders endorsing political candidates as suspicious, and full of agenda, and see Christianity as a political weapon for white supremacists. We are currently experiencing the moronic nature of the 45th president, and 43 of them have been white males. Times need to change, and we need to see a rational, uninfluenced, woman in the White House and then perhaps she’ll instil some common sense into the American public, as the men so far have failed.

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