MEGA: Make Earth Great Again

I’m sure that you’ll all agree that despite technology and science being far more advanced than we could have anticipated at the turn of the century, the world is in a bit of a shoddy state, and it needs reform. We currently have some of the most egotistical, and socially destructive leaders in Earth’s history. There are many environmental concerns that have arisen from climate change, and many people remain ignorant and refuse to accept the impending crisis that life on Earth will have to attempt to survive through. The fossil fuel crisis is more serious than people give recognition to, and sustainable energy is essential for humanities’ future.


This is a form of energy that’s readily available in mass supply, like solar, wind or hydropower. The Sun will continually heat the Earth for billions of years, and due to differentiating air pressure caused by uneven heating of the Sun, wind will always exist, as will water to generate hydropower. This kind of sustainable energy has little to no impact on the environment, so it needs to be encouraged. The issue with sustainable energy ie: electric cars; is the price tag. It’s not cheap at all, and my wife’s employer has just spent over £60,000 on a Tesla.

Currently, as it stands, over a billion people are without access to electricity, and several billion more have no options but to rely on fossil fuels. This needs to be rectified, understood, and promoted by every government in the world as if sustainable energy isn’t mainstream within the next 50 years then we as a species are going to be in an irreparable stare of crisis.


Sustainable energy is essential if we wish to battle climate change, and at least slow it down, as not only does fossil fuel cause air pollution, it increases greenhouse gases, and is responsible for millions of death every year. Vehicle emissions are also a danger to the environment, and is a significant contributor to human influence over climate change.

Many people suggest that climate change is a hoax, and it’s a political agenda, but this simply isn’t the case. The Earth’s temperate has risen over the last hundred years, and whilst the Earth goes through natural cycles, and science claims that the history of the Earth has predominantly been in a greenhouse state, fossil fuels and emissions have impacted greatly. This is evident in the land heating up resulting in wild fires around the world, notably California, Australia and the Amazon basin in recent years.

Another significant event that will affect us greatly is glacial retreats, where glaciers will melt quicker than snowfall can accumulate to reform ice. This will result in ocean levels rising, as geologist claim that close to 400,000,000,000 tons of ice melt annually. It’s not just the Arctic and Antarctic regions that are being infected, but Alaska, and Chilean glaciers are being dramatically affected, and all glaciers in the U.S could completely vanish by the end of the century. So it’s incredibly essential that humanity attempts to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions, or we are going to see environmental devastation, as water damage will impact everything from civilisation, wildlife and agriculture.


The population of the Earth is rising faster than we could ever have predicted, and in the last hundred years the population has increased by almost 400% rising from 1.8,000,000,000 to 7.8,000,000,000. Not only has the population increased, but life expectancy had dramatically risen as people have better health care, and live generally healthier lives and on average people are living closer to 80 years old than ever before. Whilst this is great for the individual, we are going to get to the stage where there are an extremely large number of elderly that social services are going to struggle to protect, and this will involve care and housing.

As it currently stands in the U.K, the elderly are often denied dignity, and they are just shipped off to nursing homes, where they are medicated into a trance like state, this is no exaggeration either, as I’ve witnessed it first hand. At least if an elderly person has company in a nursing home, as often they live alone, struggling to cope, and the only visitors they receive are social workers who often lack empathy, and don’t care about the person they’re paid to assist. I’ve also witnessed this first hand, and often the pensioner lives the remainder of their lives lonely, as their families claim to be too busy to pay them a visit, or the family doesn’t live close by, and to travel is an inconvenience.

Not only are people living longer, but there is a serious crisis regarding housing, and employment. There simply aren’t enough jobs, and affordable housing for the majority to live comfortably, and this has increased poverty in even the most productive, and wealthy of countries. With the population surge, it’s putting pressure onto education, and medical services, and this is especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The financial difference between the rich and the poor needs to be seriously addressed as the top tier of wealthy people simply aren’t putting their wealth back into society, and the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and this is a grave ethical concern.


As everyone is aware, since the internet advanced so much in recent years, terrorists, and organised crime gangs are able to operate world wide, and companies data bases are regularly hacked and held as ransom until a fee is paid. Terrorism is a world wide concern, with ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and many, many more. A comprehensive list can be found here, and organised crime groups ranging from mobsters, cartels, Maria families, and many, many more, can be found here. Often these groups are fuelled by media, propaganda, civil unrest, and the rise of extremism has risen dramatically since the turn of the century. People trafficking, be it sex trafficking, or refugees, organised crime groups are getting wealthy from the expense of the vulnerable, and people are that desperate to seek amnesty that they’ll take the risk, and face the dangers of illegal transportation out of their countries.

‪The problems that terrorism brings, other than innocent casualties who just happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, is when governments go on the offensive, and start military campaigns against countries that are accused of being terrorist breeding grounds. The Afghan and Iraqi infrastructure was ripped apart when the west decided to begin their war on terror, and loss of military, and civilian lives was great. They destroyed their economies, and decimated large parts of cities, and civilian properties, and at the end, what was gained? Has terrorism ended?


As far back as you can go through the history of civilisations there’s been religious tensions between ethnicities, and often tension arises when one religious belief potentially threatens another, or religious laws go against another ethnicity’s beliefs. Genocide of ethnic minorities since the turn of the last century, and none more so in countries of the former Soviet Union and conflicts throughout Africa, like the Rwandan genocide of 1994 when the Tutsi were brutally massacred by the Hutu vigilantes. The Bosnian ethnic cleansing a year later saw Serb forces butchering Bosnian Muslim men and boys, which was part of the collapse of Yugoslavia, and in Sudan, mass genocide has been tearing the country apart since 2011.

‪There are areas of the world that have adopted a theocracy, who are unprepared to tolerate secularist views, or even sects of the same religion, and Muslims have been killing Muslims in Arab states like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. ISIS systematically targeted Yazidis, Shiites, and Christians, and destroyed villages and townships. Sudan was recognised as having the first genocide of the 21st century, with Arab militias executing anyone who was a non-Arab. How can we possibly progress as a united species, if there are constant conflicts resulting in many casualties due to religious difference, or ethnicity?‬


Racism and gender inequality has always been an issue, especially in predominantly religious countries where their religious intolerance is often guided by holy scripture. With the world observing extreme police brutality with the death of George Floyd, public, and celebrity demonstrations and condemnation have been numerous, the racial inequality has been highlighted in America, and people have grown tired of the inequality and prejudice that non-whites are facing. It needs to end, and end fast.


In the U.K one in every five LBGTQ individual has been subjected to some form of hate crime, and this happens on a daily basis because individuals aren’t being allowed the freedom that should be given, by default to any person as all people deserve human rights, and dignity. This is just people that have reported the crime, and so many don’t as they are fearful of repercussions from the perpetrators of the crimes. According to a survey carried out by YouGov, it’s not just physical or verbal, it’s prejudice at every level of their lives.

Employers, places of worship, social situations and sporting events have all presented serious cases against homosexual and transgender people, and if the person is of mixed race, or minority ethnicity 24% of people reported various cases of hate crime ranging from insults to violence. This is simply unacceptable considering it’s 2020, and we are supposed to be living in a society that’s more accepting, allegedly. As a straight male, I honestly can’t imagine how it must feel to be in society with a loved one and fear for my safety, just because of my sexuality. There’s just no excuse for such vile and repulsive prejudice.

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