Social Darwinism vs Darwinism

Social Darwinism‘ is a set of social and political ideologies that arose in the late 1800’s, and its followers believe that society becomes successful from the elite and their view is based on survival of the fittest, which is often confused with ‘Darwinism’s theory of evolution‘, where natural selection explains the species most adaptable to change. The key difference is Darwinism is a natural phenomenon which is about preservation of life by creating an equilibrium with the species’ surroundings, and Social Darwinism is unnatural selection which is human induced social evolution.

Darwinism is an explanation of how the continuation of life is dependant on how well a species can adapt to its environment, continue to breed and pass its genes on, which ‘Charles Darwin‘ explained in his famous book, ‘On the origin of the species’. Whereas Social Darwinism is often used to justify racism, eugenics, Capitalism and ethnic cleansing, and a perfect example of this is ‘Adolf Hitler‘ and his beliefs that ethnic minorities were minorities because they were subhuman (untermensch). Nazis referred to Jews especially as ‘less than human’, and compared them to rats. If Hitler had been successful he would have sterilised every Jew he could find, and as ‘Plato‘ described it, ‘selective breeding’ removing Jews from society. He bin believed that the German master race had weakened due to non-Aryans polluting society, and his answer to this began in prison where he studied eugenics and planned to sterilise the gene pool.

Social Darwinism can be used to explain how societies can evolve over time, and how people that are inherently better, will lead, pioneer and be much more successful. In other words, the fit would be lucrative, using their intelligence to gather wealth, where the unfit would remain stupid, lazy and poor. Many God fearing MAGA accuse Democrats as being Darwinists, as they claim that they promote abortion to further their elitist agenda, and with this claim, they unknowingly admit to being part of the unfit crowd, who are lazy thinkers, non progressive and trapped in the Dark Ages. I’m not sure that they even understand that there’s a subtle difference between evolution and social evolution, but it’s futile to offer an explanation as we will just be called heathen demons.

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