YHWH vs Satan

Every protagonist needs a antagonist; good vs evil; dark vs light; yin vs yang. Almost every religion has a creator and a destroyer; a light place in the afterlife, and a dark place in the afterlife. In the Bible YHWH allegedly created everything, and it’s highly likely that the serpent in the garden of Eden was Satan, who convinced Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil knowing that despite YHWH’s warning of death, no harm would come to her. Not only was the serpent correct, but the knowledge acquired from the fruit instilled Eve with dignity, and she realised that YHWH had allowed them to be naked and she hastily covered up her sexual organs. Yet YHWH was extremely angry that she’d disobeyed him, and his punishment was to make every human childbirth extremely painful and unpleasant. Not only had YHWH put the tree in the garden to tempt them knowing that if they didn’t understand dignity then they probably didn’t understand temptation, but also lied to them about death. He then charged both of them with origin sin for disobedience, and this became a curse on all humanity afterwards. And we are expected to view YHWH as all things good, and Satan as all things bad, yet it should logically be the other way round, surely?

“If God had destroyed Satan immediately, the angels would have begun to serve Him from fear rather than from love. – BibleInfo

The above quote is in regards to Lucifer’s rebellion against YHWH’s divine government, by trying to overthrow god with an army of angels, but they lost and were banished from Heaven and sent to Hell. Along with the other fallen angels, he is to spend all of eternity there, but the idea that he rules Hell, just as YHWH rules Heaven, probably comes from the poem, The Divine Comedy‬, by ‘Dante Alighieri‘, as the a Bible never mentions that he will reign over Hell. Whilst Christians claim that YHWH loves them, they are also fearful of his retribution if they disobey him, so wouldn’t YHWH have removed sin and evil if he’d destroyed Satan? In the book of Joshua, YHWH orders the Israelites to wipe out the seven Canaan kingdoms because they worshipped false idols, and were considered a damaging influence on the Israelites. Yet, Satan directly opposed YHWH and set about an attempt at mutiny to overthrow YHWH’s reign in Heaven and he was just banished to Hell. Does this mean that YHWH holds angels, even mutinous angels in a higher regard than mankind?

‪”And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, ox and sheep and donkey, with the edge of the sword” – Joshua 6:21

The above quote suggests that nothing should be left alive, from babies to the elderly. How can Christians claim to be pro-life, and anti-abortion, if they support a god, who loves everyone, but is prepared to kill innocent babies because they live in a society that don’t worship him. Christians will claim that I’ve taken it out of context, and that the Canaanites sacrificed babies to their gods, but if YHWH is prepared to have them executed by sword, what difference does it make?

YHWH and Christianity need Satan, as they need a scapegoat. They need someone to blame for evil and sin, as if he destroyed Satan, he’d have to be held account for all the wickedness in the world. He should be anyway, if you are to believe in his existence, as Christians claim he’s omnipotent, all powerful; omnipresent, always there and watching; omnibenevolent, always good. So not only does he have the power to see all of the wickedness, he also has the power to intervene, but if he was to intervene then Christians wouldn’t be able to claim that they have free will. So, instead, use Satan as a metaphor for evil, and YHWH gets away free of charge.

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