God’s law

No one wants to live within a theocratic state unless you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that all of the ‘sins’ that are within their holy scripture dictates the law of the land. I’ve encountered many Muslims that want nothing more than the world ruled by Sharia Law, but if this was to happen the structure of western law, and a right to a fair trial would collapse. When I say fair trial, I mean outside of countries like the U.S.A, who generally have extremely religious Judges who have had the law of the Bible and God’s judgement drummed into them from childhood.

In the U.K the principal of law is no different to America’s other than the fact that religious conviction plays no part in your thought process as a practising judge. The punishment suits the crime (sometimes); and that punishment is based on severity of the crime, not because someone went out to collect some wood on a Sabbath, and god got pissed and ordered some dudes to stone him to death. If people accept stories like that from the Bible that attempts to brainwash its victim into believing that god’s judgement is fair, as he loves us all as we’re his children, should NEVER be put in a position where their religious brainwashing is going to influence them in a decision that could drastically fuck someone’s life up forever.

But it doesn’t just lie with the Judge, as the jury could be deeply religious as well. You’re getting the third degree from some hillbilly lawyer in Alabama, and you’re accused of taking a piss up against the sign that usually reads something like below, and you’ve got 12 jury persons sneering at you whilst tightly clutching their bibles, wishing they’d sneaked a firearm into the court with the wish of putting a cap in your ass. All joking aside, what chance does a person have if they are being put under trial by people that fear God?

This was only a quick thought that I decided to share.

This is an interesting article

1 thought on “God’s law

  1. There are many people who no but the self and don’t give a rat’s tail what you think. Their behavior will prompt then to quickly destroy you. Some thing (law, guard, judge, cannon, dungeon) MUST exist to oppose evil (wickedness, brutality, annihilation, killing, etc.) to protect the good (I shouldn’t have to define the good).


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