The Beginning

We live in an expanding universe that’s in accordance with the Hubble–Lemaître law, and because of this astrophysicists can give quite an accurate age of the Universe by looking into the past; stars. Stars that are a very long distance away from Earth. They use powerful red shift capable telescopes to study the birth of our universe, and measure the rate of expansion (Hubble constant). They claim the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. Within that Universe are galaxies like our very own Milky Way that scientists estimate to contain 100 thousand million stars, but our galaxy is relatively small compared to others, that contain a finite number of stars that makes our 4.54 billion year old Blue Planet all but irrelevant. But living on this blue planet are theists that come in all shapes, sizes and colour and they all share a belief. Humans are special because we are god’s children and alone in the Universe.

Let’s think about this logically. God creates a vast universe that’s incomprehensible in size, that’s home to trillions of stars that could contain life as it’s in the correct location from a Star like the Earth is. It’s not impossible and mathematically speaking it’s highly probable; albeit only primitive unicellular life, or something that we aren’t even aware of. How arrogant must a theist be to think that their god created all of this empty space, but put all life on one planet. It’s god, right? Surely someone so wise isn’t going to put their eggs all in one basket. If he’s the creator then he’s an artist, and an artist is their worst critic as they’re seldom happy with their work, especially their first piece. He’s made mistakes with life on Earth. He’s given life illnesses, diseases, plagues, viruses and infections. Surely he, or she would want to do a better job next time?

Lucy, or if you’re a nerd, AL 288-1, is the oldest found early Australopithecus afarensis human remains that are dated at 3.2,000,000 million years old, and after rearranging her skeleton, scientists realised that she was bipedal. paleoanthropologists were digging in 1974 when they stumbled upon her remains in sediment that had already been dated at 3,000,000 years old, so if her skeletal remains were resting deep within, she had to be at least the age of the sediment.

So theists think we were created. Let’s take Christianity as an example as we all know the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, and the original sin. If they’re of the Ken Ham variety they believe that the Earth is a little over 6,000 years and god made it all with just the power of voice. Erm no. We’ve found artefacts, tools and even city remains that date older than that! Then there’s the type that says that god hid Dinosaur bones deep in the ground to test our faith. Like really, ya think so?! They are so pigheaded and ignorant that they refuse to acknowledge the science, yet alone the evidence that supports that god created anything. Scientists have found fossils of cyanobacteria that date as far back as 3.5,000,000,000 years ago, and these microbial organisms have given NASA an indication of what they are looking for on Mars for indications of life. Scientists are fairly confident in their ageing techniques as they’ve advanced at a tremendous rate as computers have become more powerful. The fossils were found in a remote part of Australia and the question scientists have asked is; did life begin elsewhere and hitched a ride on a meteor?

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