No imagination to question

Everyone is born alone, and whilst during your life you’re surrounded by family, loved ones and friends, you’ll die alone, and during that life all you really have is a conscience that guides your moral framework, and imagination which inspires you, intrigues your curiosity, guides you to achieve, and educate yourself and gain wisdom. For some people this just isn’t enough, and they’re simply not comfortable being in charge of their own destiny, and this is where faith becomes important to them as their life needs guidance, and an alleged moral compass. Follow the rules of *insert religion* and you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife. Seems a good deal, right? To some it’s comfort, but to others their faith can lead to hostility, and bigotry because someone’s actions might infringe on what they believe to be moral. Notice how I said believe? Christians don’t know that the Ten Commandments are a good ground for a moral compass, as they’ve had it brainwashed into them by the Bible, preachers and family members. They’ve accepted this moral framework as it’s what’s expected of them, and most don’t know any different, or have the imagination to question.

For some it’s comfortable and they just float aimlessly through their lives as they believe their faith holds them close to god, and prayer can somehow affect god’s will. They’re happy knowing that this life is just the exam for the afterlife, and as long as they follow the tenets of their faith then they’ll pass the exam, and reside beside god for all eternity. They’re more than happy to accept god as the creator as it makes sense that the universe must have had a designer. Science is just assumptions, and evolution, the primeval atom, Hubble-Lemaître law, abiogenesis and the fact that we are Hominoidea, (if they can even spell it) are just theories and are nonsensical, unbelievable, and illogical, as how can everything come from nothing?

Some of the processes we use to gain facts were engineered by theists ie: Scientific method: Bacon, laws of motion: Newton, Big Bang theory; primeval atom; expanding universe: Lemaître and the list carries on. These were intelligent men who had the ability to separate their faith from their science. They understood that physics was in play throughout the universe, and whilst they obviously believed god did it, they were open minded to accept that science could hold the answers as well. Whilst there are theists that are scientists, there are far more who take the attempt of being an apologist and this completely clouds their judgement and it closes off their minds to other possibilities, yet at the same time they claim a high intellectual capability and think themselves as a philosopher.

“It’s a strange myth that atheists have nothing to live for. It’s the opposite. We have nothing to die for. We have everything to live for.” – Ricky Gervais

The fundamental explanation for philosophy is to question. Often the answer isn’t important, it’s the mindset of the one who’s questioning and embracing every possibility within their knowledge. But apologists can’t think like this. They’re armed to the teeth with their own interpretation of scripture and their aim is to glorify god even if it means being disingenuous. They turn to gravity and claim it’s god’s design, yet ask them to explain the process of terminal velocity, and they’ve no answer other than it’s designed. You ask them why light has a specific speed, and why it’s so much faster than sound and they’ve no answer other than god designed it. You ask them if god loves his creation why does he allow suffering, and they reply it’s original sin and to be saved we must accept Christ the saviour, yet they’ve accepted Christ and there’s still suffering. Can you figure that one out? We’ve got suffering throughout the world in many forms. Be it biological, economic or political, yet liberty, justice and science are the answer, not faith in something you cannot prove.

They’ve no imagination to question!

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