Religion: The art of war!

You've all heard the argument presented that's taken straight from the theist handbook that claims the alleged atheist atrocities fallacy. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, ''Atheism is responsible for more deaths in the last century than religion has ever been responsible for'' We have all heard that no real Christian would ever harm anyone. Well … Continue reading Religion: The art of war!

Why is ‘In God we Trust’ so important to many Americans?

'In God We Trust' has been the motto of the United States of America since 1956, and it replaced 'E pluribus unum' that had been used since 1782, which in Latin means 'Out of many, one'. In 1956 a law was approved and passed by Dwight Eisenhower which said that 'IN GOD WE TRUST' must … Continue reading Why is ‘In God we Trust’ so important to many Americans?

Is anti-theism irrational?

As a Humanist I agree with Humanism's principles that everyone has a right to be treated fairly, equally and be treated with dignity. ''Humanists make their ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings and other sentient animals'' What is anti-Theism? Anti-Theism (ἀντί-θεός) is literally one who's opposed to the belief, … Continue reading Is anti-theism irrational?

Atheism doesn’t have the answers.

Perhaps the reason for this is atheism involves just one, single, sole, individual, solitary thing. It's the opposite reaction to theism. • It's not a claim. • It's not a world view. • It's not an answer to the beginning of life. • It's not an answer to the beginning of the universe. • It's … Continue reading Atheism doesn’t have the answers.

Why religious people can’t be objective!

When a person makes any claim about their religious beliefs being objective, this is absolute nonsense. You've all heard that you can't adhere to 'objective morality' if you don't follow God as a guide. Despite God's list of morals being incomplete, which I've covered several times, there has to be proof of God, and proof … Continue reading Why religious people can’t be objective!

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God!

As Bible quotes go, this is up there with the most ridiculous. You don't think with your heart, as it pumps blood through the circulatory system around the body. Thought is in the mind, and if anyone claims there's is no God, it's being logical due to the lack of evidence, not foolishness. This quote … Continue reading The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God!

Are we born sinful?

I was reading something earlier that someone had taken a screenshot of. It was a man asking a Pastor why he was sexually abused at ten years old, and if there's truly a God, why did he stand by and do nothing. The pastor told him that everything happens for a reason and God commands … Continue reading Are we born sinful?