All we have is subjective morality

You must have engaged with a theist who claims that atheists have no basis for morality, and with their claim of morality being subjective then atheists cannot maintain that rape or murder is wrong, so are free to rape and plunder without consequence? This is a prime example of how religion removes any notion of … Continue reading All we have is subjective morality

The Atheism Compendium

I've felt that I needed to compile several of my articles on 'atheism' into one compendium that addresses the questions and fallacies that are frequently discussed regarding atheism and atheists. It's quite a long read, and perhaps too long for your average theist who prefers projecting, and redefining what atheism actually is, rather than dealing … Continue reading The Atheism Compendium

Why do theists insist atheists are all psychopaths?

As well all know, 'atheists' enjoy nothing more than building a fire in their garden, inviting round a few devout 'Satanists' round to sacrifice a virgin or two (if we can find some), and feast on fresh babies. Why would we do this I hear you ask? It's simple, atheists are morally bankrupt, have no … Continue reading Why do theists insist atheists are all psychopaths?

Does Atheism lead to Nihilism?

True nihilism is in essence a compulsion to destroy, as nothing has any value, and everything is approached with rabid scepticism and extreme pessimism. Nihilism is mostly associated with Friedrich Nietzsche who claimed that the corrosive effects, lack of moral boundaries and the fact that life is meaningless will eventually lead to the downfall of … Continue reading Does Atheism lead to Nihilism?