Does Atheism lead to Nihilism?

True nihilism is in essence a compulsion to destroy, as nothing has any value, and everything is approached with rabid scepticism and extreme pessimism. Nihilism is mostly associated with Friedrich Nietzsche who claimed that the corrosive effects, lack of moral boundaries and the fact that life is meaningless will eventually lead to the downfall of … Continue reading Does Atheism lead to Nihilism?

Does Atheism lead to Narcissism?

It seems to be a current trend by people who are unable to think for themselves, that atheism leads to narcissism. Whenever I read this unsubstantiated generalisation, I struggle to comprehend how they come to this nonsensical and illogical conclusion. "Narcissism - selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy," - Dictionary The … Continue reading Does Atheism lead to Narcissism?