What’s new about ‘new atheism’?

Why can’t people accept definitions without having to create new ones? An atheist is without God, and many of them are actually opposed to theism, and the doctrines and dogma surrounding it. This is anti-theism, so why do we need the ridiculous ‘new atheism’, or ‘militant atheism’, or ‘fundamentalist atheism’? We’ve all heard about the … Continue reading What’s new about ‘new atheism’?

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God!

As Bible quotes go, this is up there with the most ridiculous. You don't think with your heart, as it pumps blood through the circulatory system around the body. Thought is in the mind, and if anyone claims there's is no God, it's being logical due to the lack of evidence, not foolishness. This quote … Continue reading The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God!

Atheism: The idiot’s guide!

Atheism has been around for as long as man has worshipped deities. The term 'Atheism' originated in Ancient Greece over 500 years before Christ was allegedly born. It's derived from the word 'Atheos' which means 'Without Gods' (ᾰ̓́θεος - Godless). As opposed to 'Atheism', 'Theism' is derived from the word 'Theos' (θεός - The belief … Continue reading Atheism: The idiot’s guide!