The United States and its gun culture

Mass shootings in America have become common place. It’s almost the norm in modern times, and it’s becoming more regular. One thing that really baffles me is when Americans say that guns aren’t the problem, and should matches be banned because of forest fires. This is an argument from ignorance, and arrogance because they don’t … Continue reading The United States and its gun culture

Religion: The art of war!

You've all heard the argument presented that's taken straight from the theist handbook that claims the alleged atheist atrocities fallacy. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, ''Atheism is responsible for more deaths in the last century than religion has ever been responsible for'' We have all heard that no real Christian would ever harm anyone. Well … Continue reading Religion: The art of war!

Why religious people can’t be objective!

When a person makes any claim about their religious beliefs being objective, this is absolute nonsense. You've all heard that you can't adhere to 'objective morality' if you don't follow God as a guide. Despite God's list of morals being incomplete, which I've covered several times, there has to be proof of God, and proof … Continue reading Why religious people can’t be objective!

Are we born sinful?

I was reading something earlier that someone had taken a screenshot of. It was a man asking a Pastor why he was sexually abused at ten years old, and if there's truly a God, why did he stand by and do nothing. The pastor told him that everything happens for a reason and God commands … Continue reading Are we born sinful?

Liberalism: A mental disorder?

I've read this statement more times than I care to remember. 'Liberalism is a mental disorder' This is directed towards the U.S Democratic Party which are often referred to ask 'Democ-Rats', or 'Libtards'. The Democratic Party's ideology surrounds: Majority:  •  Modern liberalism  •  Social liberalism Factions:  • Centrism  •  Conservatism  • Democratic socialism Left-wing populism:  •  Progressivism  •  Social democracy So let's … Continue reading Liberalism: A mental disorder?

Prayer: what’s the point?

I've often wondered the point in prayer, especially when it's directed at non-believers. 'I will pray for you'. Why? What difference will it make? Not only do I have to have faith for it to matter, but isn't my destiny already planned out by God? Some theists claim that God has given us free will, … Continue reading Prayer: what’s the point?

What’s more annoying than a born-again Christian?

Is there anything more annoying than a born-again Christian? They are just like ex-smokers, and as soon as they smell atheists, they are quick to announce that they too were once like them, and it's a bad habit. They've always adopted a 'holier than thou' attitude as they've potentially missed a large chunk of their … Continue reading What’s more annoying than a born-again Christian?