Does Atheism lead to Nihilism?

True nihilism is in essence a compulsion to destroy, as nothing has any value, and everything is approached with rabid scepticism and extreme pessimism. Nihilism is mostly associated with Friedrich Nietzsche who claimed that the corrosive effects, lack of moral boundaries and the fact that life is meaningless will eventually lead to the downfall of … Continue reading Does Atheism lead to Nihilism?

Philosophy and the Archaic Asian Civilisations

When people discuss philosophy they often mention the usual Greek crowd, like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle or Thalēs, but many forget that Asia, especially India, Iran and China, had their fair share of philosophical thinkers. Chinese Philosophy The main attributes of Chinese thinking was humanity, and the basis was Humanism, which involved practical and political morality. … Continue reading Philosophy and the Archaic Asian Civilisations

Philosophy and the Archaic Greek Civilisation

Greece (Ἑλλάς) is the southernmost country in the Balkan Peninsula, and as you’re aware, it has quite the dramatic history. Archaeologists have discovered evidence that shows that the earliest records of civilisation has the Balkans inhabited by two Indo-European people; the Illyrían and the Thracian. Illyría (Ἰλλυρίς) was a region in the western part of … Continue reading Philosophy and the Archaic Greek Civilisation

The philosophy of nihilism

True nihilism is an extremely pessimistic and sceptical view of the world and existence, that believes everything is baseless, without meaning, purpose, and reject ethics and moral values as they have no loyalties to law, rules or authority. Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the first to suggest that nihilism was corrosive, and would destroy moral … Continue reading The philosophy of nihilism