Does Atheism lead to Narcissism?

It seems to be a current trend by people who are unable to think for themselves, that atheism leads to narcissism. Whenever I read this unsubstantiated generalisation, I struggle to comprehend how they come to this nonsensical and illogical conclusion. "Narcissism - selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy," - Dictionary The … Continue reading Does Atheism lead to Narcissism?

Progressivism is a Disease?

We all know that social media is full of the wilfully ignorant, the misinformed, and the downright stupid, but in some idiot's Twitter profile the phrase 'Progressivism is a disease' is on full display, for all and sundry to read. Seriously? Let's analyse what progressivism is about. It's quite similar to liberalism, and it's common … Continue reading Progressivism is a Disease?

The United States and its gun culture

Mass shootings in America have become common place. It’s almost the norm in modern times, and it’s becoming more regular. One thing that really baffles me is when Americans say that guns aren’t the problem, and should matches be banned because of forest fires. This is an argument from ignorance, and arrogance because they don’t … Continue reading The United States and its gun culture